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Bro your scene work is fkn stunning omg 😩😩

Do you have any tips on improvement ?

aw thanks ^^

I definitely recommend using photo reference and paying attention to how existing landscape/background painters choose to lay out their compositions. studying value/hue/saturation contrast is essential for a solid composition and an effective drawing! There's really a lot to say on the subject so tackling it one piece at a time is best. thankfully there's more information than ever before thanks to the internet; this video is a good brief summary, don't assume just because he's an oil painter that what he has to say doesn't apply to other mediums such as digital. Another good source: James Gurney, a deeply respected illustrator of incredible skill, also has a variety of videos and books you can check out that will take you a long way if you really work at it.

Similar principles apply to improving at figure drawing, animation, etc etc. Don't hide behind "style"; study the rules of how things look in life so you can break those rules in your art with intention and purpose. Not that everything you draw needs to be an amazing life study of course; draw just for fun too! But make an effort to try new things (a bigger background, a new pose, a hard angle) and when you do try them, really push yourself. You can do it after all, it's just a matter of learning how. Best of luck!

Oh wow, thank you so much, this really helps a lot !! I’ll keep this in mind and watch the vid when I’m not busy 💖💖

aw thank you!! i worked really hard on it :D

She leans forward, wiggling her fingers. "Thanks for the fav!" She giggles, flashing a wide grin. "I appreciate it!!"

aw, thank you so much!

aw thank you!!

all your characters and art are so lovely!!! also your profile page is v sharp and i like the change in pillowfort's menus

Aw thank you! I worked hard on it hehe

Your characters are fantastic !!! ♥ 

thank you, you do as well! ^^)/

i was looking through all your characters, and i just wanted to tell you how beautiful they all were! <33

aw thank you ^^)/ !

thank u for the fav!

np, you have interesting characters ^^

Accidentally deleted your message and didn't get to reply but thanks for considering. <3

It's by missfujoshisad on tumblr I believe!! Isnt it adorable...... my best friend got it as a gift, it's actually from a matched set ^^ !

Quick question, do you sell adoptson DA or do you just design for other people?

I do sell adopts on dA ^^ there's a link to my dA in my profile, or you can find it here http://ghost-wrassler.deviantart.com 

Open adopts are left up in the main gallery, and closed ones get moved to the adopts folder! I've got a chibi set i plan to release soon and ofc in a week or so you should keep an eye out for the announcement of my halloween/october Advent, which will be advertised here but hosted on dA ^^

Thank you for your interest!

Excited! Thanks for the info!

im glad lis found such a good home ^^ that's one of my favourites from the halloween advent!

im so happy, and flattered!!! enjoy <3

Hello just thought I'd pop by and say your art and characters are super pretty and inspiring!!   It's always a joy to see them in my notifications.

aw, thank you!


hey ok so I've been debating on how to say this but you seem pretty chill to talk to about character developments (plus lowkey I wanna draw your babes again) so do you wanna exchange discords? 

hey, sure! im happy to make new friends ^^

im HEAVENDELUXE#7936, case sensitive!

omg i loooove your character harper so flipping much!

!!! thank you so much!!

fhthfth I'm sorry for the fave-spam but holy smokes I love your characters & art so much like,, I'm going thru all of them and quietly shrieking

No worries, I'm glad you like my work!! ^^



I love both of these designs

No problem, im so glad you like them!! 

Hi hi! I'd like to message you on Discord! You can add me at SnowyCheetah#5460!

oh, sure, i will in a sec!

your ocs are, uh, XTREMELY GOOD my dude. and you have super good art holy fuck

aw thank you so much!! i like yours too :>


haaaaaaaaaaaappy birrrrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaaaayy to youuuuuuuu ♫ ♥

HOPE YOUR DAY IS GOING WELL BB   ....ah hell i know it is, it's LEO SEASON afterall, BAYBAAAAAY    



I forgot to say thank you for the new hairdo for Brendan. :,D

No problem, i hope it came out to your liking ^^

man wait what i wasnt subscribed to you??? cmon self

I wasnt subscribed to you either.... Wtf

your monster/creature designs are so good i'm?????????????????????????? i'm just floored i'm crying how are they so good

Ahh thank you!! Practice makes perfect I guess :'D

this time i'm on ur actual profile.. good i also just wanted to say I love ur char designs a lot ; _ ;

aaaa thank you!! i really appreciate it :''D i really like yours too!!!

(if u ever wanna do a design swap hmu B) i fukin love those)

yea!! I'd be down in the near future! :> I'm just super busy atm but I'll hit u up when I can!

Thank you so much for the character design! It's really awesome! ´ v `

No problem, Im glad you liked it!!

Hey, sorry if you got a cancelled trade from me xD I pasted the wrong name ^^;

ur fine lol, i was so confused like "teacup why--"