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It's by missfujoshisad on tumblr I believe!! Isnt it adorable...... my best friend got it as a gift, it's actually from a matched set ^^ !

Quick question, do you sell adoptson DA or do you just design for other people?

I do sell adopts on dA ^^ there's a link to my dA in my profile, or you can find it here http://ghost-wrassler.deviantart.com 

Open adopts are left up in the main gallery, and closed ones get moved to the adopts folder! I've got a chibi set i plan to release soon and ofc in a week or so you should keep an eye out for the announcement of my halloween/october Advent, which will be advertised here but hosted on dA ^^

Thank you for your interest!

Excited! Thanks for the info!

Aw, friend! Thanks for the love on Lis! I meant to PM you about it but I recently acquired the cute! ; v;/

im glad lis found such a good home ^^ that's one of my favourites from the halloween advent!

cries same!!! ; w; I remember when the design dropped and I instantly fell in love. I never dreamed that one day they'd belong to me! QA Q I'm so happy to have given him such a personal place in my story and I can't wait to write him out!!

im so happy, and flattered!!! enjoy <3

Hello just thought I'd pop by and say your art and characters are super pretty and inspiring!!   It's always a joy to see them in my notifications.

aw, thank you!

i love all the memes youve been making. i always laugh when i see them in my notifications :'D


hey ok so I've been debating on how to say this but you seem pretty chill to talk to about character developments (plus lowkey I wanna draw your babes again) so do you wanna exchange discords? 

hey, sure! im happy to make new friends ^^

im HEAVENDELUXE#7936, case sensitive!

omg i loooove your character harper so flipping much!

!!! thank you so much!!

fhthfth I'm sorry for the fave-spam but holy smokes I love your characters & art so much like,, I'm going thru all of them and quietly shrieking

No worries, I'm glad you like my work!! ^^



I love both of these designs

No problem, im so glad you like them!! 

Hi hi! I'd like to message you on Discord! You can add me at SnowyCheetah#5460!

oh, sure, i will in a sec!

Thank you so much for the sub, mon ami! ; w; <3 !!

your ocs are, uh, XTREMELY GOOD my dude. and you have super good art holy fuck

aw thank you so much!! i like yours too :>

haaaaaaaaaaaappy birrrrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaaaayy to youuuuuuuu ♫ ♥

HOPE YOUR DAY IS GOING WELL BB   ....ah hell i know it is, it's LEO SEASON afterall, BAYBAAAAAY    



I forgot to say thank you for the new hairdo for Brendan. :,D

No problem, i hope it came out to your liking ^^

man wait what i wasnt subscribed to you??? cmon self

I wasnt subscribed to you either.... Wtf

your monster/creature designs are so good i'm?????????????????????????? i'm just floored i'm crying how are they so good

Ahh thank you!! Practice makes perfect I guess :'D

this time i'm on ur actual profile.. good i also just wanted to say I love ur char designs a lot ; _ ;

aaaa thank you!! i really appreciate it :''D i really like yours too!!!

(if u ever wanna do a design swap hmu B) i fukin love those)

yea!! I'd be down in the near future! :> I'm just super busy atm but I'll hit u up when I can!

Thank you so much for the character design! It's really awesome! ´ v `

No problem, Im glad you liked it!!

Hey, sorry if you got a cancelled trade from me xD I pasted the wrong name ^^;

ur fine lol, i was so confused like "teacup why--"