I find cute babs and a lot of my time goes into these! All of these species belong to their respective owners, check them out! 

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What it sounds like, these are my human-ish characters!

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What it sounds like, these are my pony characters! That includes my Pomihei species, which are closed species as well! I have bought co-ownership, and if you're interested in a design or custom, get a hold of me! 


Working Stories

Lorem ipsum... yeah. I haven't made much progress yet, but these are babs that I have a connected story in mind for, even if it isn't on paper yet! 


These are my other characters, I'm not as connect to these babs but I still love em! They probably won't get as much use. If any catch your eye, you can offer, but I probably will not be getting rid of them.

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These are babs that I either made as adopts, or I just didn't connect to. So take a look around, they will be listed with what I am looking for! 

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