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  • I am an adult, and thus my stories and characters often have emotionally heavy and/or sexual elements to them. All clearly explicit images/characters are hidden behind various tags and warnings, but if mature content and/or themes bother you, do be aware of this before proceeding.
    • Inherently NSFW characters and tabs are not visible to minors, or users who are logged out.
    • While I'm very strict about sexual content, my tolerance level for other disturbing content might not be the same as yours, and thus the provided warnings may not be adequate for everyone. Please enter at your own risk!


  • Please do not interact with me directly unless you are 16+ years of age! This is for the sake of my own comfort. I will block / softblock users who break this rule accordingly.
    • If under 16 years of age, you may not...
      • Comment on my page
      • Comment on my characters
      • Send me private messages
    • If under 16 years of age, you may still do things that don't involve direct interaction with me, such as...
      • Following me
      • Looking at my page
      • Reading/favoriting my literatures
      • Favoriting my characters
  • Please don't compare my OCs to your own, or to another artist's OCs. It can come off as disrespectful to me, or even the other artist!
  • Refrain from stealing, copying, tracing, editing, reuploading, or highly referencing any of my art, characters, stories, or designs without my written permission. This includes ANY characters/designs/etc. that I own, not just ones I have made.
    • Kinning my characters, using them as faceclaims, etc. counts as theft in my eyes. I have nothing against those who kin in general of course, but when it comes to my OCs, just don't do it. A lot of them represent parts of my personality and experiences, so someone else using them to represent themselves instead would be super duper uncomfortable and weird!
    • No character or design in my ownership has my permission to be made into an NFT. If you see my property being sold as an NFT, notify me IMMEDIATELY. It has 100% not been authorized by me whatsoever and is illegal.
    • NOTE: If the artwork/design is a commission, adopt, or contains your character in it, feel free to use it for personal (non-monetary) purposes as long as you credit me. You don't need to ask in that case! ❤
  • All rules regarding the trading of characters can be find in the Directory folder -- the first folder you arrive at when clicking on the 'characters' tab! Read through them thoroughly before you consider offering on any of my characters.
  • Just be respectful!

Thank you!~❤️

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