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This is a general warning for my account (I will put specific warnings on characters that need it as well.) Most of my characters that deal with these things do not currently have it written as such, but this is just to put this warning in place. (I'll edit this out when I've written more for my characters publicly.)
REMINDER: Just because my characters have either participated in/done these things/had these things inflicted upon themselves does not mean I condone it in real life! Some of my characters are straight up jerks/horrible people and some of them have dealt with horrible people. 

Many of my characters may have backstories/stories/experiences with sensitive topics like/related to the following:

- Drug/Alcohol abuse

- Murder/Violence

- Abuse (psychological/physical/sexual) [causing and receiving]

- Self harm/Suicide 

- Gore/NSFW (from minor to major, both written and in artwork)

- Incest

- Human Trafficking/Slavery

- Cannibalism

If any of these topics bother you/upset you, you are free to look away, block the character or block myself! (Note that most of it is currently privated, but I will be slowly releasing more of it!)
As stated above, most of these things are things I do not condone or agree with.

As a side note:
Any character under the age of 18 will have a tag to represent it. (Either Child or Child-Like.)
Child-like - a character who is immortal, and therefore older than 18, but either has the mentality of someone under 18, the body of someone under 18, or both. 

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