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Astriferi closed species info

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago by Hanadoodles

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(Singular: Astrifer) Meaning: Star carrier
What are Astriferi?
  • Crystal humanoids containing stardust.
  • Born in space, spontaneously in the middle of stars, but usually settle on nearby planets as stars are literally burning balls of hydrogen and helium , and floating around space for millennia would get boring af. 
  • Planets they settle on aren't necessarily the nearest to their birth star; they make use of wormholes to travel across the universe.
  • Individuals born from the same star form close-knit communities.
  • Average lifespan >3000 years (A 700 year old Astrifer is roughly the equivalent of a 15 year old human).
  • Have no concept of gender, however individuals they settle on planets where gender is a cultural thing may refer to themselves as male/female/any cultural gender. Or not. 
  • Pacifist in nature; violent individuals are shunned by society. 
  • Highly intelligent and advanced in technology.
Basic info and anatomy
  • Hard glassy crystal-like bodies with opaque parts. Bodies are completely hollow and filled with stardust in any number of colours depending on rarity. 
  • Average height 4' to 6'.
  • No sexual organs as they don't reproduce.
  • Range of skintones possible; white to dark grey, or any desaturated colour from light to dark.
  • Can withstand impossibly extreme temperatures .
  • Glowy *~aesthetic~* headwings.
  • Float on either side of the head.
  • Collect solar energy; rarer types of headwings have black areas which absorb/convert energy more efficiently. 
  • Mutants who lack headwings cannot leave the centre of the star they were born in. 
  • Don't eat; live off solar energy collected via their headwings. 

More examples of Astriferi 

Astriferi are a closed species by me; you may not make your own without a valid MYO slot.