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Oh my god, I love your clothing design thread! It's such a good idea. I would participate right away if I weren't caught deep into an art slump!

Eeeeeeeeee I'm so glad to see there's interest in it!!! QwQ

//I know that art slump feel so well asdfgfdsfagh

I unexpectedly joined uni four days before it started this year so I am constantly low on energy c': I will still be active in the thread once I get my footing again! Which is probably during the only two free weeks I'll ever get in the following three months aka February otl

Same here like??? I just spent a week working 9-5 every day in the labs at my uni and i am SO DRAINED rn...plus got a mountain of coursework.... why doesn't school let us have nice things TT_TT //sob

Because school wants to prepare us for busy adult life c':

Thank you for the Abbie headshot! Its so cute!!

Eeeeee no prob!!! <3

Thanks for the sub! ; w ; I think all your characters are adorable btw!

Eeeeee thank you so much for subbing back!!! And omg i'm so glad you like them <3

Thanks so much for the sub! I appreciate your support! <3

No prob!! Your characters are so cool >o>

Oh gosh you are way too kind! Thank you so much! And thank you from all my babies too! *3*

aaaa thanks for the sub! ;u;

No prob!! Your characters look really cool!

<3 all you characters are really adorable, lila's probes my fav tho

hgfdhjfhjgj aaaaa thank you so much!! <33

Happy Birthday! ♡ ~☆

Eeeeeeee thank you!!! <33

Thanks for the sub and favorite. < 3

No prob!! <3

thank you very much for the sub ;u;!

Thank /you/! QwQ

ty for the sub!! ;v;

Eeeee no prob I love your characters!! Thanks for subbing back too QvQ

Thank you for the sub dear~ <3

No prob!! <3

No problem!!! <33

<3 <3 Thank you for the sub~~!

No prob!! <3

Hello sweetie!Thank u very much for subscribe! v^^ <33333

No problem at all!!! QvQ <3