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  • This account is partially 18+ and contains mature themes, mainly NSFW content. Please be aware of this
  • PLEASE keep these warnings in mind! 18+ characters will be flagged as such and have their warnings that detail the contents/topics that's contained on their profiles
  • Also, be aware that there may be some sensitive, uncomfortable, disturbing content.
    • And PLEASE, for the love of god, don't assume/claim that I condone/support with these sort of topics. This merely for story and background purposes, believe me, these topics make me uncomfortable too

  • While minors are still allowed to visit my account and such, that doesn't mean they're allowed to interact with my 18+ characters.
    • This means fully viewing them, favoriting them, drawing them, and interacting with them in the forums
    • Failing to respect this will result in my removing the favorite(s) or blocking said user
    • Adding on that, if I catch a minor favoriting mature blocked characters I am absolutely reporting you

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