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  • This account is partially 18+ and contains mature themes. 18+ characters will be tagged and have warnings which their contents listed on it.
    • The majority of the contents are sexual content which will be tagged as "XXX"
    • 18+ characters will be tagged as "R18"
    • Other CW includes: violence/killing, body horror/gore, suicide, drug use, and abuse.

  • Be aware that there may be some sensitive, uncomfortable, disturbing content.
    • That being said, I do not condone said contents, please don't claim that I do. These are all for profile/bg reasons, so please don't make light of the sensitive content or fetishize it

  • While minors are still allowed to visit my account and such, that doesn't mean they're allowed to interact with my 18+ characters.
    • This means favoriting them, interacting with them, and making any content of them (drawing, writing, etc)

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