⚀ Do not kin with my characters! That's very weird and uncomfortable

⚁ Do not steal, copy, or trace any of my characters/designs/art

⚂ Please don't offer on characters that you aren't allowed to offer on, that includes begging for them either to me or to others to get them, I very much don't appreciate that.

⚃ You are free to ask about shipping/linking OCs together however only if you're a friend or mutual otherwise I'll pass

⚄ Please respect my characters, I don't want any offensive content such as anti-LGBT+, racism, pedophilia, uncalled for fetishes (a lot of them make me very uncomfortable), etc

⚅ One last note, half of my characters are 18+ meaning they deal with adult content mainly around violence and sexual content. If you are a minor I would appreciate it if you do not fav/check them out. It makes me uncomfortable



  • Mains- NFT, Open to ships/links
  • Secondary- Some NFT, Entertaining offers, Ships/links allowed
  • Tertiary- Tentative offers, Iffy with ships/links
  • Fandom- [Currently: Splatoon, NiGHTS, and TERA], Entertaining offers, Ships/links allowed
  • Other- These are unused or gifted designs. Only friends can offer or the gifter can ask for the design back, No shipping/linking
  • Sale/Trade- Self-explanatory

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want more art NFT linkable dont ship shippable over my dead body clean out kem priest Fandom dont touch CS Splatoon pacapillar sona OTA TERA splatoon Esprit i owe haru my life pending