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April Fool's prank

Posted 20 days, 10 hours ago by Historia

For my April Fools prank, I changed some parts of my profile, and replaced the background and featured character icons with a really cursed image of Roy.


Then, I used this badly-drawn Lilina in my icons, while I also used it as a pagedoll.




Finally, I've edited my bio, and the name + username was overhauled to reference the song, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Unfortunately, I forgot to take snapshots of my profile before reverting it back to normal, so forgive me for not doing that... Anyway, happy April Fools. :^3

Getting rid of designs [OPEN]

Posted 21 days, 4 hours ago by Historia

Hello, everyone.

I am currently seeking to get rid of these designs, so if you're interested, feel free to PM or comment here. This was copied from the thread version, so if you're interested, then please go here.

Anyway, here are the characters that I want to get rid of:


dcnwm9o-f8a339c1-568e-4be5-905d-ca302f43(Original image is by Furyono, the designer of Sakura)


I'm putting this character up for sale and trade. I'm selling her for the original price of 120 points (All extra art in her gallery do not add up, since all of them were free). However, I am also interested in trades/offers. I'm currently looking for the following (In no particular order):

Birdfolks*/Art**/Customs(Super Picky)**/Other Characters 

*Although I may look into other CS, I am super picky about others besides birdfolks. MYO slots are fine, too.

**Art and Customs can also be used as an add-on for her original price, but it's not mandatory. Also, I'm only looking for Art/Customs of decent quality.

If you're buying her for points, please donate here.

I really love Sakura, but I've been losing attachment with her overtime, and I feel like I don't connect with her anymore. She has been collecting dust since then. I'm now seeking to give her a new home.

She has a masterlist entry, so that I can request the account to change ownership.

Sakura is a Gellow, a Semi-Open species by Furyono. (Her profile has out-of-date info)


- I am not seeking to lowball her original price, or even increase the price. I am only selling her at the original price when I bought her.

- Please see my design wishlist before you offer.

- Not FCFS, unless you decide to buy her for 120 points. I will only look for the offer that appeals to me the best.

- I am not looking for the following: LQ Designs, Low-Effort art, Other currency besides points, Vouchers, Characters that lack proper credit/a known creator (It's against this site's rules), Dollmaker/generator characters, Oversimplified/Overcomplicated designs, and Art Slave offers

- If you're interested, please feel free to either post here, or through PM.





I've created Memento last year, but I was unable to connect with him, so I'm putting him up for trade/offer.

For trades, please see here. By default, I'm seeking for humans/humanoids, monsters/creatures, and unwanted birdfolks. Please don't offer me anything listed in the "Absolutely Not" portion of my wishlist!

For offers, I'm seeking for the following (In no particular order):

Art/Birdfolk/Other Characters

For art, I prefer anyone with less than 10 images, though anyone else past that limit is fine!

I am NOT accepting art slave offers or offers related to currency of any kind!

Feel free to post here if you're interested.

UPDATE: This is not FCFS. I will pick someone who I feel like has a use for him.

Happy April Fools :^3

Posted 21 days, 10 hours ago by Historia

Oi, happy april fools everyone. :^3


Posted 26 days, 6 hours ago by Historia

I now have a Discord account.


If you have a Discord, feel free to add me.


Weekly Ramble Threads!

Posted 2 months, 4 days ago by Historia

Do you want me to make more of these?

1 Votes Yes! I love to hear your rambles.
0 Votes No thanks.
1 Votes I have no opinion on this.
0 Votes Other (Feel free to comment)


Link to first ramble thread! 

For those who don't know, I have just recently made a ramble thread, and I'll probably make one of these every sunday, but only if you want me to make more of these. They're all just gonna be random rambles every week, and I tend to talk about my past life, and other things.

You don't need to have a Twitter account to see my first ramble thread, so feel free to check it out if you're interested (linked above).

(On an unrelated note, yes, I did mention that in one of the tweets I used to like Fairy Tail a lot until I lost interest in the series. If you're not familiar with the series, then feel free to look it up.)

Profile update

Posted 3 months, 6 days ago by Historia


4 Votes Hola
2 Votes Hola
1 Votes Hola
1 Votes Hola

Henlo everyone.

If you haven't noticed recently, I've been planning on changing my profile for a while, so I have just updated it to something new:

That's all for now. Have a pleasant afternoon (From CST).

Happy New Year!

Posted 3 months, 21 days ago by Historia


Well, in my case, 2019 had just began in my timezone (I'm in CST). How are y'all's first day of 2019 going so far?

Just a note

Posted 4 months, 5 days ago by Historia

I have a Twitter account!

It was created last summer, but as of now, I will be posting my art on both here (Toyhouse) and there (Twitter). I will no longer post on DeviantArt. If you wanna be up to date with my activity, then feel free to follow me on Twitter. Don't worry, I'll still be active on Toyhouse.

Anyway, have a good day!

I'm heartbroken

Posted 5 months, 7 days ago by Historia

Hello, guys.

For those who haven't noticed, I actually own a pair of guinea pigs, and recently, one of the two guinea pigs have died today. I remembered getting 2 guinea pigs the night before my birthday last month. The white one was Ricky and the brown is Marty. They are both birthday gifts. I was planning to get a ferret, but I didn't.

Today, Ricky died from choking, and I am officially heartbroken from this. Here's a picture of him when I first got him:


I am in deep pain of his passing, because he was one of my birthday gifts from last month, and I was so happy that he was here.

Marty, on the other hand, is alive and well. I hope he doesn't end up in the same fate...

Ricky's death actually made Marty upset, and he was crying because he saw him collasped in his cage, which shocked me upon seeing this.

May Ricky's life live on...


Guess whose birthday is today?

Posted 6 months, 11 hours ago by Historia


Yes, I'm now officially 16 Years Old.

Now, send me cursed images.