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Welcome to my Characters page. I used to sort my characters by folder, but I now sort them by tags, since it was a big mess before. Below are major tags.

11 characters in this tag + Non-Characters (29 overall)

Three different stories about a prince, a sailor, and a living sword. All of their stories are linked by the infamous AI named METON. For more information, please see here.

2 characters in this tag

Apollo, a once-villainous jerboa, becomes a detective in the toon world, long after his nemesis, Marty, has gone insane. However, things don't look right as usual...

5 characters in this tag

In the alternate universe of 19th-Century Britain, monsters are said to live in a separate world, known as "Verdandi", and a certain galactic fish child is said to reside. Will Zephyr and Inigo know the truth about this creature?

17 characters in this tag

These characters are either worldless or belong to a world, but aren't story-related.

Helpful tags

Personal Favorite Characters Characters with an ArtFight profile Closed Species I want art for these characters Characters I need to work on Not designed by me

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  • Please do not vague-mention my characters in the forum/art games subforum. Vague-mentioning means picking a character from here, only to not state their name in their claims. It makes me uncomfortable.
  • Make sure you read their bios first before you pick them in forums games.
  • Also, cute character design ≠ cute character overall. I get that my characters are cute, but they have more than just design alone.