Lilina Fire Emblem

Yup, this is a main menu. Enjoy your stay.

Oh, and because I have the tendency to always have Lilina as my avatar regardless of how many times I change it, enjoy the Lilina shitpost thumbnails. :^)

General notes:

  • None of my characters here are up for sale/trade/offer.
    • Also, please do not put my characters into your dreamie folders. Don't refer any of them as "dreamies" or "dream designs" either, because even though you want my characters as your "dream designs", I'm not comfortable with it.
  • I suggest clicking "View All" before you browse just to make life easier for you. ;^3
  • A lot of characters may currently have outdated profiles that need to be worked on atm.
  • You are free to draw my characters, as long as it's not 18+/adult-oriented.