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Aaay! Thanks for the fav on Roderic ~!
Have a good day :D

EYYYY you're welcome!

SKSKKS ANOTHER FE FAN. God summer Lilina is great but i have no orbs lmao,, its all gone to getting summer Hebindi :")


Also, same here! I got S!Lilina on my second round of summoning. I didn't get S!Helbindi from the Summer Returns banner though...

ah a fellow mili fan >.< squeals

Yeahhhhh henlo fellow Mili fan :^3

your icon is so good LDLKJGKJH

Nothing else can top Lilina petting a cat

LOL historia I love your new icon

It's one of my personal favorite poorly-made images that I've done

Thanks for faving my birb, I have been meaning to work on them/ update their design for awhile now - and I might do that thanks to you!

Also Lilina (and Robin) ftw

Np problem.

Also, Lilina is a good. A very good.

Thanks for the favorite on Talia


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Thank you! And you too.~

oh my gosh!! you made jingyi look sooo cute! thank you. <3

No problem! Glad you liked it.~

omg the art u did me of wicca is so cute i love it :D thanks so much xx


Omggggg! Thank you so much for the art of Ikari!  Its so cute I love it! 


Thank you for the drawing of Frederick!!! It is so cute oh my gosh ;w; <3 !

Np! I'm really glad that you love it.

this is kinda late since you posted it like 18 hours ago but... since you like Spearman, I was thinking you may like this guy!

hes honestly a pretty big dork, the fandom calls him a puppy

sobs I love your icon bunbun is such a great artist omghhggg

AAAA you're so lucky !!!! enjoy Ultimate !!!! Mine still didn't made it to my mailbox QQ even if there is a high chance I'm getting it tomorrow !!! :' )

Whats your main(s) by the way ? : D

I haven't unlocked everyone yet (So far, I've unlocked Sonic, Bayo, and Little Mac), but I'm plannng to main Roy once I unlocked all of them, which is gonna take a while...

Arf ! good luck !

Bless your folder icons

They're all blursed

Hhhhhh thank you for the love on my boy Jay <3333


Whoah i never knew i was on you reccomended page sob

Thank you TTwTT

Also rwby fandom hel yeah


*hugs* nwn

Heya! So, about this thread: https://toyhou.se/~forums/7515.art-freebies/85048.base-group-photo-slots-9-12-open- There's already someone in slot 12, do you want to have another one?


Actually, nevermind. Looks like everyone else took all the spots. :(

If it's okay for you, I can probably fit your Oc in as an extra, I forgot to count one of the people on the base ^^


thank you for art of night :D i love it

You're welcome

I can't believe that you just turned 16 omg?? :0 you seem a lot older lol

Yeah, my Birthday was last month xD

Thank you so much for the fav c: 

You have great characters as well!

No probs!

Thanks, but I don't celebrate Halloween though. ^^;


Happy birthday ! :P

hope you have a fantastic day ~

(with my side account again because you know im fucking stupid x) )

Thanks you so much!

And you too!

hey, dont take the unpopular opinions drama too hard, it isnt your fault. :3 you didnt see any of it coming. i dont think anyone who is upset over it is mad/upset with YOU, theyre just upset that drama happened in the first place. disappointed but not surprised, as the phrase goes, for a lot of people who are upset with it.

You're right. I shouldn't take it too hard. I tried to make it friendly, but then the drama went out of hand, and I was trying to add more rules to prevent more drama. I wasn't even involved in it.

Thanks btw...

No problem, no need to thank me!

pfft your characters gives me paper mario vibes

i like it

Thank you so much for the favourites on Stitches, Solo, and Lunie, and the kind words on the trademark board! You're too sweet!


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?? i never said i was sick of seeing your icon around ??

oh! I didn't mean your icon! I was just having bad luck in Fire Emblem Heroes and kept getting Lilina. Haha, sorry if it bothered you. I didn't mean it in like...a mean way or anything. I was joking about my terrible luck in gacha ^^;;

Ahh it's fine

This is so sad.

Alexa, play despacito

!!! your characters are very cute and unique!!!

Thank you!!

Thank you for the nice forum post about my 'puffinsona' <3 Your characters are so nice ee

Heheh no problem! Also, thanks!

Is that a Lilina pfp? i sense we might be friends.


Whispers: Thank you for the kind words on that forum they made my daay! <3

PS: Your art is very cute too!! You have the cutest designs!

Your welcome!

Also, thank you so much about my art! I really appreciate it!

You have super cool characters, ahh

Why thank you so much for your appreciation!

I have not been active lately...