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-Take 50% off the listed price (exception : 3$ adopts can only go as low as 2$).
-This folder only ! Doesn't apply to adoptables outside of it.

Click here to access to the rest : https://toyhou.se/HoshiBerry/characters/folder:48064

Trades and resales : https://toyhou.se/HoshiBerry/characters/folder:825202

I'm regularly pondering posting the art I made/got of my OCs on here. When I registered on TH I didn't do it because I was using it mostly as proof of ownership for my adopts, and also I didn't want to because I was scared they'd be stolen, but the watermark tool is pretty handy so it shouldn't be much of a concern. Tho there are also ppl that apparently use TH to "shop" for concepts to copy? I've seen a few ppl putting their OCs as private or authorized only for this reason.

But on the positive side, it would be nice to have a little library for each of my chars with all of their art in one place, since for now all the art I recieved is stored in chronological order in one big folder (with specific folders for artists I recieved several pieces from) and my own art has its own folder organized by year. It could also be a backup in case I lose my files I guess...

Ahhh, IDK...


I made the mistake of parting with these babes a while ago and now I regret it. Help me get them back please, I miss them ;;
They were all designed by my bro lorie

If you own them, I'm willing to offer art, including stuff listed as "special deals", or money if I can afford it.

The pics above were made by me, original pics for better identification :

Top left - Top right
Bottom left - Bottom right

Adoptables wishlist

Posted 1 year, 20 days ago by HoshiBerry

Because why not right.

Inamourati by HoneyKing - Scarftail by umbral-wind

And even though I already own some, I'm always looking for Ragdolls by honeythief and some specific Tussocks HoneyKing made in the past.

Changing my character icons

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago by HoshiBerry

To make them prettier and, when possible*, using artwork I have made instead of the original adopts files (that will be put in the gallery) to uniformize them style-wise. The layout isn't the most original ever but it will do the job for now^^;

(* I need to draw my OCs more because quite a few lack art made by me >.>)

Why I'm requesting creator rights !

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by HoshiBerry

It's just for practical reasons, linking back to my FA gallery is perfectly fine, but I'm an organization freak rofl.