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Artfight !!!

Posted 7 months, 29 days ago by Hukiolukio

I've been anxiously anticipating Artfight for the past month and it's ALMOST HERE!! I'm on Team Dream and will do my best to attack everyone back, including friendly fires!

wow I'm such an idiot

Posted 8 months, 16 days ago by Hukiolukio

I've had many people ask me where the custom colors of my profile templates are, which I kind of found that weird because I thought I had said where they were in the forum post. Well, I just looked over the forum post and realized that it did not say anywhere where the custom color versions are. Smh I'm such an idiot. Anyways, they're located in the tabs of each profile and I edited the post to add that in lol

I've just been feeling exhausted lately, but I will make sure to get to everyone who needs my help. Please just be patient with me, or maybe try to find someone else to help you sooner I guess.

trying out new sites for art

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by Hukiolukio

I'm testing out paigeeworld, instagram, and tumblr to upload my art to. If you use any of the three, feel free to follow me (@ hukiolukio because that's the only username I ever use)

My account on paigeeworld and tumblr are both pretty old because I tried out the sites previously but it didn't get anywhere. Hopefully it'll work out now since my art is somewhat better and I'll actually try to not give up so soon???

I got a sketchbook, no life, and want to draw people's ocs

(translation: link me some characters to draw)

anyone wanna do art trades?

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago by Hukiolukio

examples: 1 2 3

I don't even know what exactly my style is currently but I can promise my best, I'll pm people who want to do an art trade, or you can just pm me first.

question about profile templates

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by Hukiolukio

I'm curious as to what people like the most in profile templates, so I decided to just ask.

Which profile templates by me (and other people if you want) do you like the most?

What type of things do you look for the most in profile templates?

Are there certain things you would like to see more of in profile templates?

so font awesome icons (which are the ones I use in all my templates) had some type of update or something, and it made the x and gear icons I use in my template disappear.

If you use any of my templates and your x and/or gear icons have disappeared, just little word-change in the code will bring them back.

The icons used to be fa fa-close, now they are fa fa-times

The icons used to be fa fa-gear, now they are fa fa-cog

I will be fixing all the orginal code version of the templates to have this change, but it will take a while since I have a lot of templates (+a custom color version of each so yeah fml)

we have 300+ members but hardly any actively chat with the others

but the people who do talk are pretty cool in my opinion (but that is biased due to them being the ones who keep the server alive)

I'm not the server owner but I am an admin and my nickname is bunny

you can promote your art and stuff since we're an art server

but please talk to us we're always excited to have new people that actually talk since it's rare

I haven't made any new templates in a while but I want to

so if anyone has an idea that they'd like to share please do