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Commissions are open!

Posted 7 months, 1 day ago by Hukiolukio

Forum post: link

There's a bit more information in the forum post as well as some example images but here's my price chart:

Sketch Lineart Colored
Headshot $1USD $2USD $3USD
Halfbody $3USD $6USD $9USD
Fullbody $5USD $10USD $15USD

buy me a coffee?

Posted 7 months, 14 days ago by Hukiolukio

yeah so I made a ko-fi page

I might also start to try and do art commissions, although idk if anyone would pay for my mediocre art lol

Should I make "stylized" profiles?

Posted 7 months, 16 days ago by Hukiolukio

stylized profiles?

63 Votes yes
0 Votes no

Like profiles that look extremely cutesy or dark or have a witchy-feeling to it. Just like any type of theme.

I'll be honest, I used to dislike those types of profiles. They just never looked right to me. But just now I was looking through the html/css forums (which I often do because it's fun to look at the creative ideas people have and see new coders pop up). And uh I realized those profiles are so freaking cool like what the heck??? Now I feel like all of my profiles are lame and boring and I'm sad. I want to try and make a stylized profile with a bunch of pretty colors and images too but I'm scared lol. It'll probably look like trash.

Question: Do you guys like colored text or no?

Posted 7 months, 18 days ago by Hukiolukio

colored text or default black/white text?

20 Votes colored
18 Votes default black/white
15 Votes idc

Lately I've been making my profiles have the "primary" color for all of the text (paragraphs included) rather than it be left as default. I personally like it, but idk if you guys do. So I want to know if you guys like it or would rather me leave non-title text as the default black/white. (I say black/white since it depends on the theme you're using whether or not the text is black or white).

Although tbh if you don't like the text being the primary color, you could just remove the "text-primary" for that section and it would automatically go to the default black/white??? Idk, I just want some opinions lol

I do know colored text will be a problem when it comes to custom-colors. Because then people have freedom in what color they choose, and not everyone keeps in mind that some people have a lighter theme and some have a darker theme. But I don't think that colored text has a problem with visibility if it's the default theme colors?

2 new templates + looking for suggestions

Posted 7 months, 19 days ago by Hukiolukio

what do you like to have most in a profile?

13 Votes a lot of spots for information
11 Votes minimalism (a small amount of information)
8 Votes a lot of spots for images
1 Votes many, many, many paragraphs
1 Votes other (comment please)

So I realized I had 2 completely finished profile templates just sitting around. I honestly don't know why I made them available for public use before lol oops

But they're here now: Minimalist and Sweet

Honestly, I'll probably start using minimalist a lot for my characters since the majority of my characters have basically no information for them haha

Anyways, I feel like making more profile templates. I have a few ideas already but I also want to know if you guys want me to make anything specific?

I finished the DND profile template

Posted 7 months, 21 days ago by Hukiolukio

I thought that would take a lot more time considering it's been a while since I made a new template. but I finished it in less than a day lol. I didn't make a custom color version, but I might make one in the future (depends on how I feel). Anyways, have fun with it. I didn't make it to be used while in the middle of the campaign (because tbh who would want to mess with editing html in the middle of a campaign? that sounds very impractical) so I excluded some things such as current hp / used hit dice / etc. The template's purpose is just to give your DND characters a nice-looking profile on lol

Also I made sure to put the spell-casting stuff at the very bottom and separated from everything else because some characters don't have any spells. So you can easily remove them for those kinds of characters.

DND profile template?

Posted 7 months, 22 days ago by Hukiolukio

do you want a DND profile template?

42 Votes hell yeah
12 Votes sure
0 Votes idc
1 Votes nah

How would you guys feels about me making one? I had this idea in the past since I thought it would be practical for many people with DND characters on, but I ditched the idea since I hadn't played DND before and it wouldn't turn out right with me having no clue what anything means. But now I've started to play DND and would be able to actually made a HTML template for it (if I can even remember how to make a profile since it's been so long lol)

Artfight !!!

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by Hukiolukio

I've been anxiously anticipating Artfight for the past month and it's ALMOST HERE!! I'm on Team Dream and will do my best to attack everyone back, including friendly fires!

wow I'm such an idiot

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago by Hukiolukio

I've had many people ask me where the custom colors of my profile templates are, which I kind of found that weird because I thought I had said where they were in the forum post. Well, I just looked over the forum post and realized that it did not say anywhere where the custom color versions are. Smh I'm such an idiot. Anyways, they're located in the tabs of each profile and I edited the post to add that in lol

I've just been feeling exhausted lately, but I will make sure to get to everyone who needs my help. Please just be patient with me, or maybe try to find someone else to help you sooner I guess.