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All characters outside the ADOPTS folder are never up for sale/trade. Please don't offer!
I don't care about putting my OCs into "dreamie" or wishlist folders so long as you're aware they'll never leave me.


Lammergeier Syndicate  /  Lycoris Theory
**Lammergeier Syndicate's verse has one character left to design, Lazzaro.

Lycoris Theory is retired as of now, with my writing and art efforts focusing on the Lammergeier Syndicate.


Age:  18-19  /  20-29  /  30-39  /  40+  /  100+  -  All of my characters are 18 or older.

Species:  Human  /  Non-human  /  Closed Species

Continent of origin:  North America  /  South-Central America  /  Europe  /  Asia  /  Unknown

Status:  Active  /  Previously Active  /  Inactive
"Previously Active" refers to former main OCs, "Inactive" refers to characters who don't receive much attention currently.

Bio - Has a fully filled out bio with lots of writing & a possible history tab (whether private or public). Excludes WIPs and ones with not much information.

Character Playlist - Has a song playlist on their profile. Most OCs have character songs.

Relationships - Has a relationships tab. (Most OCs have links.)

NSFW - Contains 18+ art/writing or is heavily NSFW oriented.

VC - Has a voice claim.

AU - AU versions of characters.