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"they live in my head rent free" is the cutest way i've seen someone describe their OC canons :D

I love those boys!!

honestly one of my fave things about having discovered toyhouse (albeit very recently ;-;) is finding a community who loves original characters so much!! i used to think no one would ever care about my OCs because fan art or fandom characters were where it's at xD

thanks for dropping a like on my eyepatch bb btw!! white hair + eyepatch bbs unite 8D

I'm pretty new to TH too and its helped me into transitioning into making a lot more OC stuff! It's made me realize the joys of creating my own babies with hyper specific things i like and having them interact, it feels so much more meaningful than fanart ever did tbh

Love the long hair and eyepatch character type....... tastie........ 

DEFINITELY MORE MEANINGFUL ;0; not that fandom ocs aren't valid!! 

delicious... long hair.. mans..... missing Eyeball... but not missing... saxiness @[email protected]