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  • My characters and their associated images are NOT for your use, personal or otherwise. This includes and is not limited to RPing, stealing, "borrowing", copying, tracing, reselling (this includes minting into NFTs).
  • My characters are, overall, rated as Mature, 18+ or meant to be placed in a mature plot/setting/world. Be mindful of this when you explore.
  • My artwork is NOT for your use, personal or otherwise, UNLESS it has been made for you or includes you. This includes and is not limited to stealing, "borrowing", copying, tracing, minting as NFT (or any form of unauthorized resale). Characters containing my art that are placed for sale are exempt from this rule.


  • If certain characters are not displayed as being for sale, DO NOT inquire about them. 
  • If certain characters are displayed for sale, you are always welcomed to offer on them UNLESS stated otherwise.
  • I do not do ping lists. Do not ask about being put on a ping list for any of my characters, sale or not.
  • Please do not resell a character for more than you bought it for, UNLESS you added art.

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