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Comet in a Bottle Characters

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Human Characters
Eden Rose Corel - A sophomore Sociology major at Glasser College in Yellowseed, Maine
Amory Scarlett - A senior Music Education major at Glasser College in Yellowseed, Maine
Hazel Phuong - A junior Graphic Design major at Glasser College in Yellowseed, Maine
Ree Rabazo - A senior Aerospace Engineering major at Glasser College in Yellowseed, Maine

Extraterrestrial Characters
Ashla - An Nsae and a native of the Realm of the Mind. Eden's love interest (they/them)

Divine Characters
Yris - Primordial being; major deity; younger sibling to Kalar and Etle


Human Characters

Extraterrestrial Characters

Divine Characters
Kalar - Primordial being; one of the original 2 deities
Etle - Primordial being; one of the original 2 deities

-- EXTRAS --

Human Characters

Extraterrestrial Characters

OC Pokémon Teams

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Viola's Team
Zel - Absol
Iole - Anxiety-ridden Sableye
Maari - Flygon who doesn't care about anything
Nilam - Exciteable Weavile
Anidia - Umbreon
Callum - White Gengar

Raven's Team (SoulSilver)
Miyan - Meganium
Vesper - Pidgeotto
Fiona - Ninetales
Mizuchi - Dragonite
Erinyes - Shuckle

Solas - Ampharos (Deceased)
Lunen - Togetic (Deceased)
Takeo - Nidorino (Deceased)
Icarus - Gyarados (Deceased)
Greer - Tauros (Deceased)
Killian - Dewgong (Deceased)

Willow's Team (LeafGreen)
Ceol - Blastoise
Cameron - Zangoose
Mika - Ninetales
Jupiter - Jolteon

Kelly - Mankey (Deceased)
Crith-Thalmhainn (Thal) - Sandslash (Deceased)

Aster's Team (White)
Eridanus - Samurott
Aquilo - Braviary
Astara - Mienshao
Irre - Hydreigon
Nimh - Shiny Bisharp

Lumina - Musharna (Deceased)
Arden - Sawsbuck (Deceased)
Jonquil - Mienfoo (Deceased)

Kieran's Team (Black 2)
Lavali - Arcanine
Diana - Lunatone
Talise - Mantine
Starfall - Absol
Sapphire - Sawk
Jesse - Leafeon

Mauve - Krokorok (Deceased)
Castia - Sigilyph (Deceased)
Scira - Lucario (Deceased)
Kyri - Eelektross (Deceased)
Duska - Weavile (Deceased)
Colla - Serperior (Deceased)

Avis - Haxorus (Deceased)

Ophelia's Team (Emerald)
Ira - Sceptile
Zenith - Swellow
Jetta - Sableye
Maelin - Flygon
Raiden - Manectric
Sage - Torkoal

Vera - Breloom (Deceased)
Medina - Camerupt (Deceased)
Lann - Seviper (Deceased)

Simeon’s Team
Rinji – Torterra
Sora – Luxray
Prince – Beautifly
Fenna – Rapidash

Aisling’s Team (Y)
Sirocco - Chesnaught
Aidan - Talonflame
Conway - Blastoise
Ozni - Malamar
Morgana - Heliolisk
Ismira - Aurorus
Faorn - Sylveon
Castor - Lucario

Nikita’s Team
Victor – Charizard
Illiya – Milotic
Kyra – Toxicroak
Caiside – Zoaroark
Meallán – Jolteon
Khrysor – Tyrannitar

Lillien's Team
Nix - Glaceon
Farah - Haxorus
Ember - Houndoom
Almena - Aggron
Mei - Yanmega
Eve - Zangoose

Agathe's Team (Platinum)
Ebba - Empoleon
Hippolyta - Luxray
Ragnarök - Gliscor
Ceallach - Gabite
Pele - Ponyta

Twilight - Dustox (Deceased)

Ciel's Team (LeafGreen)
Florian - Ivysaur
Cas - Sandshrew
Aenon - Vaporeon

Nima - Spearow (Deceased)
Lyria - Butterfree (Deceased)
Morpheus - Hypno (Deceased)
Erith - Persian (Deceased)

Niko's Team (HeartGold)
Sulis - Feraligatr
Belisama - Arcanine
Ailbe - Xatu
Beira - Mamoswine
Taranis - Electabuzz

Queenie - Nidorina (Left)
Lorien - Hypno (Deceased)

Ianthe’s Team (Alpha Sapphire)
Ignas – Blaziken
Indra – Mightyena
Lance – Kirlia
Seya – Mawile
Cirra – Altaria
Cecil – Walrein

Topaz’s Team (Moon)
Fennel – Decidueye
Airie – Toucannon
Karrida – Lycanroc (Midnight)
Asphodel – Espeon
Elara – Salazzle
Lotus – Golisopod
Jormunga – Kommo-o

Lily Nightsinger (Ranger)
Hecate - Black Kabutops

RP OC Index

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This is mostly just for my own reference until I have everyone uploaded and stuff, but feel free to scroll I guess. :3

Feral Characters
Akhorai - Wolf/lion/eagle hybrid; 4 forms (true form, wolf, lioness, eagle)
Kaalaas - Hippogryff
Coriander - Hippogryff
Shiloh - Hippogryff
Raijin - Kirin thing...
Forio - Horse/dragon hybrid demon made entirely of ash
Cricket - Eastern dragon/antelope hybrid; very large lizard, basically
Yarenn - Seraphic dragon
Khrysor - Inkmonster
Dendurai - Panther/cougar/hawk hybrid; blind, telepathic, antigravity
Kheli - Wolf/bird hybrid (a canine sort of gryphon)
Moriba - Shapeshifting demon unicorn; 6 forms (horse, goat, ermine, rabbit, wolf, kudu)
Hesperia - Kirin
Ania - Sun otter
Nuko - Nudibranch/Glaucus atlanticus hybrid
Quilo - Plainsbeast thing
Xandas - Feral vernid
Thistle - Dragon
Jirya - Dragonfly/wolf hybrid
Flira - Sea lion/leopard hybrid
Rasuar - Forest guardian dragon; can take any form
Phaedra - Light dragon

Human Characters
Emery - Kaalaas's rider
Silver - Shiloh's rider
NJ - Coriander's rider
Asher - Autumn's twin brother and Opal's handler
Autumn - Asher's twin sister
Ira - Asher's best friend
Rose - The cool grandma
Storm - Zephyr's ****buddy ***POSSIBLE SENSITIVE CONTENT***
Cobalt - Probably a mad scientist
Antyra - Mutated ex-assassin

Pokémon Trainers
Viola - Ghost/Dark trainer with a random dragon
Raven - SoulSilver Nuzlocke
Willow - LeafGreen Nuzlocke
Ophelia - Emerald Nuzlocke
Kieran - Black 2 Nuzlocke
Aster - White Nuzlocke
Simeon - Old Platinum run I never got to finish
Aisling - Pokémon Y Adventure
Nikita - Light Platinum (fan game) adventure
Lillien - Roleplay-only
Agathe - Platinum Nuzlocke; she is also a researcher
Ciel - LeafGreen Nuzlocke 2.0
Niko - HeartGold Nuzlocke; in conjunction with Raven
Ianthe - Alpha Sapphire adventure
Topaz - Moon adventure
Lily - Chronically ill Pokémon ranger

Shapeshifting Characters (w/ human forms)
Diana - Human/Human-bear; 2 forms (her arm transforms)
Hester - Human/Human-alligator; 2 forms (Tail, legs, teeth, eyes)
Idalia - Human/Human-egret; 2 forms (Tail feathers, wings, feathers for hair)
Rune - Shapeshifting cave serpent; 2 forms (full snake, partial human)
Tamsyn - Half-wraith; 2 forms (half-human, full wraith)
Alyas - Human/Dragon shapeshifter; 2 forms (human, wingless dragon)
Saron - Human/Dragon shapeshifter; 2 forms (human, dragon)
Kuyasa - Wildcat thing; 2 forms (wildcat, human)
Solstice - Hellsteed; 2 forms (horse thing, human) ***CW: Body horror, mention of abuse***
Equinox - Hellsteed; 2 forms (horse thing, human) ***CW: Body horror, mention of abuse***
Winslow - Manticore; 2 forms (true form, human)
Soren - Canid with shoulder eyes; 2 forms (true form, human)
Peony - Fox/canine hybrid; 2 forms (true form, human)
Xapheran - Saber bear; 2 forms (floofmonster, human)
Kaelen - Scorpion genet shifter; 2 forms (true form, partial human)
Derik - Dragon bear ferret shifter; 2 forms (dragon bear ferret, human)
Lumen - Humanoid newt monster; 2 forms (monster, human)
Flicker - Smilodon shapeshifter; 2 Forms (smilodon, half-human)
Citrine - Waterhorse shapeshifter; 2 Forms (waterhorse, human)
Flora - Raptor shapeshifter; 2 forms (true form, partial human)
Azure - Serhane shapeshifter; 2 forms (true form, human)
Aran - Pangolin shapeshifter; 2 forms (pangolin, human)
Pyrin - Lizard thing shapeshifter; 2 forms (lizard, human)
Yn - Ferret unicorn; 2 forms (true form, human)
Yinso - Deer-creature shapeshifter; 2 forms (true form, partial human)
Chazal - Fluffy shapeshifter; 2 forms (true form, human)
Iris - Canine shifter; 2 forms (canine form, human)
Feo - Axolotl thing shapeshifter; 3 forms (true form, anthro, human)
Lucien - Set-animal shapeshifter; 3 forms (creature, anthro, human)
Sehori - Kitsune; 3 forms (true form/fox, anthro, human)
Arryn - Kitsune; 3 forms (true form/fox, anthro, human)
Xilia - Lemur shifter; 3 forms (lemur, partial human, human) // nonbinary
Chardrys - Kirin shifter; 3 forms (kirin, partial human, human)
Jaren - Gryphon bear shifter; 3 forms (true form, partial human, human)
Nefret - Fox thing; 3 forms (true form, partial human, human)
Aryen - Monster shifter; 3 forms (true form, mega form, partial human)
Aitala - Winged tiger with horns; 3 forms (true form, partial human, human)
Keyel - Moose/hawk/deer/microraptor hybrid shifter; 3 forms (true form, partial human, human)
Xipil - Pheasant/horse thing shifter; 3 forms (true form, partial human, human)
Doon - Sort of werewolf; 4 forms (human, wolf, anthro, demon wolf)
Zephyr - Sort of werewolf; 4 forms (human, wolf, anthro, demon wolf) ***CW: Mental illness, abuse/neglect, self-harm mention***
Lunen - Sort of werewolf; 4 forms (human, wolf, anthro, demon wolf)
Arden - Sort of werewolf; 4 forms (human, wolf, anthro, demon wolf)
Auki - Sort of werewolf; 4 forms (human, wolf, anthro, demon wolf)
Lyka - Bird thing; 4 forms (human, partial human, anthro, creature)
Kazza - Monster fox shapeshifter; 5 forms (true form, human, anthro, monster, fox)
Vanni - Hybrid shapeshifter; 6 forms (true hybrid, human, shoebill, giraffe, eohippus, deer)

Saffraxi - Snow leopard sphinx
Zepta - Panther sphinx
Kuruli - Kodkod sphinx
Hesnen - Caracal sphinx
Iago - Shade (a sort of demon; can dissipate into shadow)
Fliodhais - Dryad bound to sequoia trees
Illiya - Demon, master of illusion...can bend your mind in disturbing ways ***CW: Hallucinations, sadism***
Aurolis - Dragonfly-winged angel
Brynn - Luna moth-winged angel
Athos - Angel (has a broken wing)
Shoal - Angel
Cosima - Humanoid thing who can shapeshift; 4 forms (humanoid, feathery dragon, gryphon, gryphon-dragon)
Kyrene - Moth anthro
Xen - Pastel demon humanoid // agender
Mivral - Sea centaur
Calien - A sort of centaur
Silver - Winged floof
August - Anthro giant golden-crowned flying fox (bat)
Iprel - Anthro spotted-necked otter ***CW: Mental illness/suicide***
Alistaire - Anthro markhor goat ***CW: Mental illness, abuse, murder, alcoholism***
Astrid - Anthro African painted dog ***CW: Transphobia, homophobia, domestic violence, miscarriage, stalking, drug abuse***
Quentin - Anthro polar bear
Rhiannon - Anthro American badger ***CW: Sexual abuse***
Aeon - Hourglass object head
Pyxis - Compass object head ***CW: Abuse, murder, suicide***
Vitre - Mirror object head
Bead - Crystal object head
Luster - Pearl object head
Wick - Candle object head
Ambrosia - Potion object head
Meridian - Ornate antique clock object head
Casimir - Ghostly gold staff-carrying deer
Klyn - Anthro blue-tailed day gecko
Zereiah - Reverse werewolf android anthro-creature ***CW: Abuse, murder, body horror?***
Lesedi - Unicorn faun

Warrior Cats (No Longer RPed)
Starwing - WindClan warrior
Swiftpaw - WindClan aprentice
Sootthorn - ShadowClan warrior
Dragonflywing - ShadowClan warrior
Skypaw - ShadowClan apprentice
Wavespray - RiverClan warrior
Carpwhisker - RiverClan warrior
Swallowpaw - SkyClan apprentice
Darkdapple - SkyClan warrior
Half Moon that Glows Silver - Tribe prey-hunter
Lightning that Shatters the Sky - Tribe cave-guard

Listed here!

Familiars and Pets
Opal - Saluki dog; Asher's service dog
Azia, Turmerin, and Peiyo - Saron's pet rabbits
Elas - Ferret; 1/3 of Saron's familiars
Tethys - Badger; 1/3 of Saron's familiars
Kinra - Fox; 1/3 of Saron's familiars
Lucy - Emery's pet snake, a leucistic ball python with a brown head

-- Steven Universe --

Earth-Aligned Gems
Bloodstone - they/them (sona); Daggers
Turquoise - she/her; Mace
Sunstone - she/her; Throwing stars
Moonstone - she/her; Crescent-shaped chakrams
Amber - she/her; Energy crossbow
Mystic Topaz - they/them; Conjured balls of energy
Iolite - she/her; Forcefield
Alabaster - she/her; Aerokinesis
Calligraphy Stone (Calli) - she/her; Enchanted pen
Burgundy Pearl (Pearl) - she/her; Glaive
Black Star Diopside (Diopside) - they/them; Slingshot
Svabite - she/her; Large clawed hands

Homeworld-Aligned Gems
Emerald - he/him; Sword
Topaz - he/him; Spear
Pyrope - she/her; Whip
Carnelian - she/her; Axe
Sphene - he/him; Spiked chain
Citrine - she/her; Electrical, circular boomerang
Agate - she/her; War flail
Chrysoprase - she/her; Laser blade on arm

Off-Color-Aligned Gems
Kunzite - she/her; Two staffs
Jade - she/her; A pair of antlers
Eucryptite - he/him and she/her; Boomerang-axe thing
Adularia - she/her (neutral); Weapon TBA

Unaligned Gems
Onyx - he/him (rogue); Crescent-shaped sickle on a string
Jet - she/her (rogue); Black feathered wings

Tourmaline (Kunzite x Jade) - she/her; More elaborate staff that features something akin to antlers/horns
Galaxite (Moonstone x Sunstone) - she/her; Star beams
Obsidian (Onyx x Jet) - they/them; 4 black wings and a scythe
Labradorite (Emerald x Topaz) - he/him; Swallow