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Welcome to my toyhouse!

Please be warned that some of my characters with have things such as horror, gore, bright colors, slurs, and stuff like that on their profiles (characters will have a content warning on them, so no need to worry if you're sensitive to any of this topics but just be warned!)

Please DON'T interact with me if your LGBTQ+phobes, racist, fatphobic, ableist, sexualise minors, support pedophilia, plan on stealing any of my characters/art, only want to get free art/customs/characters from me, only want to vent to me, draw NSFW of my ocs without permission, make fun of people just for the things they like, pretend to have a mental illness, scam people, etc!

Please respect that I can not immidetaly reply to you, I am unable to be online 24/7 aspecially with school and having to deal with my mental health at the same time. I also make lots of spelling/grammer mistakes so apologise if anything I write is hard to read or understand. English isn't my first spoken language. If I misuse a word or definition please educate me about it as im to the brightest sadly, thanks!

If I'm not replying to you feel free to check up on me as I have very bad memory issues and sometimes forget to reply and I hate making people feel as if I'm ghosting/ignoring them.

If you own any characters made by me, just know that my TOS is very old and hasn't been updated in months. Just don't sell them for real currencies if you got them in a trade/custom trade, only regift them if you got them as a freebie, don't make inspired ocs, don't private any of my designs without permission (I like knowing what's going on with them), and finally don't sell any of my designs off-site without asking me before doing so.

I can speak English, Polish and some French :D


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