Long ago, a woman named Opine Frazil died and found herself in Limbo. She was offered a Promotion to become one of Them: an almighty group of entities who resided on the very fringes of Entirety and were able to travel between Realities freely. She accepted, and upon becoming one of Them was granted a Request: a limitless wish able to bend reality. Her Request was to create "the perfect game," granting her unlimited power for the purposes of allowing her to accomplish her goals.

Opine created a pocket dimension called the Test Reality, isolated from all other realms. She populated with soul-based humanoids she called the Tested, then ordered them to compete in the Competition: a battle royale where the last Tested standing would be granted a Promotion like she was. This first Competition ended in disaster: the Tested that Opine had created to serve as a villain succeeded far beyond Opine's expectations, slaughtering her fellow Tested quickly and effortlessly. Nonetheless this villain had to be given a Promotion, and she used her Request to cruelly sabotage the runner-up's life. Distraught that her years of planning had gone to waste, Opine threw the remaining Tested's souls into the reincarnation cycle and abandoned the Test Reality.

Thousands of years later Opine created a new Test Reality and a new batch of Tested to go with it. In order to keep things more balanced she introduced the Oresses: magical orbs that granted powerful abilities to those whose souls were bound to them. She also introduced "Unreal" people - soulless background characters - to allow the Tested to have backstories without needing to create superfluous characters and muddle her work. Once everyone had reached their proper age, Opine announced that the beginning of a new Competition was imminent. The Tested scrambled to form alliances and train, struggling to come to terms with the reality of their existence as playthings to an unpleasable god.

In the canon version of the story, who knows what happens? But in the RPverse version of the story, this second Competition ended with an insignificant Oress Holder winning due to some clever cheating. Enraged, Opine managed to deny his Promotion and opened up the Test Reality to other Realities, dragging in other beings and forcing them into participating in Competitions over and over again. The Tested have gone through numerous plot reboots memory wipes and universe resets, never sure how long periods of peace will last. Their situation is more precarious than ever, and even They don't know how to take away Opine's power...