In a world ruled by angels, things are only perfect on the surface. Everyone knows it, of course, but everyone ignores it. The risk of letting your thoughts stray is too high.

With law enforcement being heavily biased and far from reliable, most investigations are handled by private detectives. Two of such rebels - Tigel Smith and Seems Wright - end up looking into the mysteries behind a supposedly-abandoned hospital where people disappear. They find it's far from empty, inhabited by some sort of hybrid angelic-demonic abomination that causes Seems' violent and untimely demise. Clinging to the hope that he can save her, Tigel escapes and ends up literally running into an eclectic man named Bonnie. Bonnie directs him to the home of Demon Lord Zhirael, who returns Seems to life in exchange for Tigel's soul.

As it turns out, Zhirael could use some help. He's been looking to overthrow Heaven from quite some time and he recently granted refuge to a strange, soulless child who might just hold the key to starting the revolution. Though not without hesitance, Tigel and Seems agree to offer their services, knowing that this is the best chance they have at getting the answers they desire and bringing justice to the world.