Baldasarre Adarez has been ill his entire life with a disease that makes him unable to digest souls properly. Having to follow a careful and meager diet, he's wound up one of the weakest demons in Hell, especially when compared to his famous gourmand father, Laejizhar. Increasingly frustrated by his weakness, Baldasarre briefly courts and then devours the flesh and soul of a human girl named Erimentha Richmond, insistent that he can overcome his ailment by sheer force.

This doesn't work out well for him. Soon Erimentha's soul awakens none the worse for wear, unable to act much but still a cohabitant of Baldasarre's body. As it turns out, there was a good reason for him not being allowed to devour whole souls. Baldasarre's soul is incredibly weak, and since Erimentha's wasn't digested it now threatens to overtake Baldasarre's and leave her the sole inhabitant of his body whether either of them like it or not. Now Baldasarre's search for a cure is more important than ever, but he'll need to find a way to cooperate with the reasonably upset Erimentha if either of them hope to make it out of this situation happily.

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