Princess RPG

On an otherwise ordinary day on Earth, over a dozen human women find themselves abducted by monsters and taken to another world. This world - Delphys - is home to a massive variety of monster girls who live carefree lives under the rule of the goddess Echidna. The women are told they each have the Soul of a Princess: a soul mutation that gives them unnatural charisma, the ability to control others with their voice, and draws others to them... for better or worse. Echidna has interest in them, finding shame in how Earth has squandered their potential and granting the Princesses the power to transform into monsters to survive in their new home.

The Princesses find each other and team up to find a way to get back to Earth, informed that Echidna will only grant them and audience if they can make enough of a name of themselves in Delphys to impress her. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this is no simple fantasy adventure. Not all of the Princesses wish to go home, enjoying their freedom from all of the suffering on Earth. This is far from the only spanner in the works, made apparent when they find out they're not the only Princesses in Delphys...

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