Crossroad Fantasia

There exists a place called the Crossroads, where Realities have collided and dimensional rifts open up every day to drop in the helpless. It's a chaotic place, but not necessarily lawless. It's ruled over by the Heads: various self-made monarchs who have built and maintained Kingdoms that they preside over. Very few of the Kingdoms get along well, leading to constant conflicts as the Heads war over how the Crossroads should be ruled and who should get control over new territory.

If that wasn't enough to worry about, a mysterious man known as The Immortal Guillotine, Aphelion has awakened and declared his intent to kill all of the Heads for reasons unknown. Considering the past several times he's awakened he's succeeded, all of the Heads are on edge, aware that now they have yet another party out for their blood...

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