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$10 for your ace attorney oc? (i've just scored myself casual work so I can afford to make these kinds of purchases)Β 

What 😭


PLS that’s Casper! He’s my main oc you can see him IC if you want πŸ˜‚


PLEASE WHAT 😭 what does this MEAN



naw he’s just my regular Sexyman don’t worry

Hello, you'd inquired about this design a while ago and the original trade fell through, so I thought I'd see if you were still interested: https://toyhou.se/5091341.on-hold-for-enchantedgoat

I would be interested. If you wanna look through my TH for a trade? Any old older will do :)

I didn't find anyone I'd trade for, but would you be interested in doing some art?

No, sorry. Thanks anyway:)

Hey, thanks for the notice on my characters profile images! I'm super new to this site, and still learning the ropes. The characters have been removed until I can fix it!

No worries! Just don’t want you getting banned or anyone underage seeing them :)

Hhhhh your art is so rad oh my god 😭


also πŸ‘

I spy arcane watcher πŸ‘


and yes do πŸ‘€

Do you also enjoy arcane? πŸ‘€

I haven’t watched it yet but I am an average silco, Viktor and sekiva enjoyer πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Oooh, yes good choice, those three are especially πŸ˜”πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘€

You should totally watch it if you ever have the free time πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

I think I shall πŸ‘

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SORRY dude!!! won’t happen again I had my arms full

i subbed to you, cuzzz u seem very lit



:0 ty bro! I’ll subscribe to you, too B)

Heya! Do you have examples? :)


My discord is are you aaron burr,sir?#7004

There’s no space between the question mark and the numbers, written just like that

This user's account has been closed.


Guess who remembered their th password 🀘😎🀘


Omigosh, thank you so much for the art of Layla in the xtreme low effort thread! I love it! :D

no problem!

Sup nonce

lmao ur a tessnophile

I dotn know how i came across you but i saw the founding fuckheads and i love you now

thank you very much because my children need love

Hello! I saw you had a few characters for sale, I was really interested in Colossus, Evergreen, Oakley, and Steele? Their designs are all so beautiful, I was wondering what you were looking for in terms of payment? I don't have many Deviantart points, and I don't have a Paypal. If you are accepting art or designs as payment, those would work best? Or if you had another idea? Thank you!

I am interested in designs and art, and also literature for a few of my characters. Those four characters were designed by me, so they are quite close to my heart in terms of wanting them to go to good homes. What do you have in mind?

I can't write very well but I can offer art! Maybe a few fullbodies/busts for one of them?

I'm gonna have to decline, so sorry! Thank you for your interest, though!

Thank you for the compliment about my reply as Blake u v u
When I saw Vincent and recognized the parallels to Blake I HAD to reply. The major difference was that he's not very smart but almost solely relies on intuition when making choices and prefers to work with his hands.
I really had fun with it! I'm not actively looking for RP atm but I like these fun little interactions/headcanons, doesn't need to be a full story every time. So if you wouldn't mind I might throw something like it your way some time.

No problem! You were really creative with your response, I enjoyed reading it a lot. And I'm totally down for that whenever!