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WARNING!! This is a bit bitty, but you must read it or risk being blacklisted. 

Don't steal or trace! You can only base characters off of my own if you ask and I give you permission- otherwise, that's theft! Colourpicking is fine (I mean, who owns a colour?) and so is using the same name! 

Kinning my characters..? Anyone but my sonas, and ASK me. 

Only characters in the Selling folder category can be offered on- all my others will stay mine, regardless of what you offer.

I might sometimes upload pictures with bright colours or blood/gore, be aware of that! A lot of my characters also have tragic and violent backstories, but I'll add warnings if so; 

Any eyestrain-ing designs/gory stuff/violent stories will be marked with a spoiler on their respective profiles.

You CAN draw my ocs, just nothing fetish-y, suggestive, or nsfw. I'm a minor for one and for two I don't appreciate it

If you draw my characters, I will probably watermark that art. Simply so others do not steal your art/my character; I mean nothing by it, I am not claiming it as my work! Just protecting it :>

If you're not in support of LGBTQ+, kindly DNI~ 

Same goes if you're racist/believe in white supremacy, are a neo-nazi, a ped*phile, any of that stuff~ you know who you are. 

I don't have a blacklist yet. Let's keep it that way. 

Only proceed if you've read and accept these terms! 

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