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General Warnings

  • Strong NSFW Themes/Characters
  • Some characters and stories may be triggering
  • Some stories contain Violence,Drug use,Fetishes, and gore
  • Please be catious when going through my characters

  • Do not kin, or claim any of my characters
  • Don't comment on my profile to talk to me instead message me on Discord for a convo or pm me i wanna keep my profile clean :'3
  • Please do not use my characters and/or art for Roleplaying or anything
  • Don't ask me to RP i only RP with my friends
Other Info

  • Do not use my art at all unless i made it for YOU
  • unsolicited offers on characters results in a block
  • I do not condone any of my Character's behavior i just write them with stories that interest me.
  • My crazier characters are authorize only if you'd like to be authorized please let me know! (Via PM!)

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