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Art contest winners! Time to vote!

Posted 1 day, 11 hours ago by Jesse

Good evening, friends! Apologies for not posting yesterday, I'm currently sick 😅

But without further ado, let's get right into the voting!

I've made a Google form here that has all of the artwork posted! Everything is in accordance with the rules, with the exception of one artist on Twitter who is not familiar with Toyhouse and asked if they could just post the art on their Twitter, which I agreed to. Everyone else submitted on here. If you art is missing, please make sure that you posted it in a comment on the contest page, as per the rules ^^

Here is the form! Vote away!

For everyone who shared the contest in a bulletin, please link it in the comments of this bulletin, and I will get the roll started for the winner of that segment as well!

As per the rules, all of the votes will be tallied and will be posted publicly on February 8th. I will include the Google forms data so that you will be able to have verified proof of the voted winner.

You are allowed to ask people to vote for you! It's a contest, after all. You're more than welcome to share this bulletin to ask people to vote. 

Thank you to everyone who participated, this was incredibly fun!

There are extra perks for you guys, my subscriber fam!

Please check it out here!

You have the entire month of January to make your entry!

What's your most desired hobby or job?

Posted 1 month, 10 days ago by Jesse

In 2023 I really want to focus on myself and start doing some of the things I've always wanted to do. In my case, I've always wanted to blow glass, ever since I was a kid I've wanted to do that. I'm unfortunately not in a place financially where I can do that, so I'm going with the next best thing, which is watercolor painting lmao

But I'm curious as to everyone else. What would you be doing, if you didn't have bills to pay, and could learn a set of skills to do something you've always wanted to do? 

im. obsessed w cookie run rn. wondering if anyone has any ocs.

or if anyone is taking cookie run style commissions............

Small update + adopt status!

Posted 5 months, 2 days ago by Jesse

Hello again, friends! Sorry I've been off the radar lately! 

After having quit closed species, I was able to save up enough money to afford a rental house! I moved in with a good friend of mine and it's been so exciting not living in a shitty apartment anymore! I have a lawn!! And a shed!! I feel like a much better person now that I'm in a home I can feel proud of, even if the bathroom is tiny! 😅

Since I went cold turkey on leaving closed species and adopt communities, I had a sudden gaping void to fill and didn't know what to do with myself, and I have since lately picked up Minecraft again! I've been playing on the 2B2T server, and aside from the actual offensive garbage player base, I've been having a lot of fun in the chaos, and it's been a good outlet for my brain that's constantly seeking something exciting. 

Once I get a few more paychecks in and have some steady financial stability, I will finally be able to afford to see a psychologist and get the mental help I need. I've been doing a lot of behavioral therapy work on my own with a helpful workbook, and it's definitely helped push me to take the next step, which is getting actual help from professionals, and get medication, both of which are things that I've avoided my whole life. In some ways, I've found comfort and a sense of home in my horrible mental state, because it's all I've ever known, and leaving it means leaving home behind. It's different than moving into a house, for sure. But I'm ready for it now. I really want, and need, to better myself, so that I can conduct myself better around other people, and also be kinder to them, and to myself, too. 

I'm also going to be taking up painting! Art therapy is something I genuinely love, and painting is the medium I've worked with the least, so I'm going to try to do some of that and see how I feel about it! My birthday is on the 26th of this month and my mom promised to buy me some paint supplies for my gift so I'll be able to do that soon! 

Anyway uh. About the adopts! The base I'd been working on never actually got saved before I turned my computer off and moved it into my new place, so I have to redo it, but once I do, I will have a bunch of Sanrio-inspired ponies to sell, and they will still be $5 each, available only to my subscribers for the first 24 hours! 

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me, it really means a lot that you're still here and supporting me and my work.