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Hello, and welcome to my mediocre worlds! Please keep the following in mind before venturing forth!

  • I'm NOT interested in selling or trading any characters unless they are in the "Characters for sale" folder
  • Some of my characters deal with heavy stuff like depression, self-harm, rape, etc. They will have warnings beforehand, though. If I miss a warning somewhere, please let me know!
  • My characters, their world's, and their government's beliefs and actions don't necessarily represent my own
  • No, I will not RP with you, sorry! I'm very nervous about it and only RP with very close friends.

Feel free to draw any of my characters, but follow these rules if you do so.

My global permissions seem like a lot. If you get off-put by them, just draw one character in a way that would be OK to be seen in a kid's cartoon. Please only use the first image(s) for reference! Don't even necessarily use my own art. I am dumb and sometimes mess things up when drawing my own characters. Unless you state otherwise, there's a chance your art will end up on the Toyhouse profile of the character you drew. Any character with specific character permissions will always override these!

  • Body horror
  • NSFW or suggestive
  • Obviously out of character. I provide information in each description of the personality.
  • Design deviation (Like completely changing color or body type).
  • Gender swap

  • Dragon version
  • Pony Version
  • Anthro/human version (ask me about body types)
  • Snuggling
  • Light kissing
  • With other's characters (Yes, this includes crack ships!)
  • Simplifying or different outfits

  • Gore when in line with past or personality
  • Crack shipping within sexuality
  • Interacting with others/doing something based on their profiles
Assume all characters are straight unless told otherwise.

Please note your consent will be stored in cookies until your session is closed.

No thanks!