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RP Meme

Posted 1 month, 26 days ago by Johtozo

About Me


Newly updated RP meme for 2022, yay!

Howdy I'm Lach!!! Sucker for worldbuilding stuff. I'm open to multiships, and for mutuals I'm a-okay with completely new characters :D Worldbuilding together is awesome...


  • I'm UTC+1 (Denmark)! But my sleeping schedule is weird anyway so I'm online at weird times.
  • Unless group/mass-roleplaying I won't be doing it with anyone under 19, sorry! Nothing against minors since I don't always need to RP NSFW but it's just out of concern of the maturity gap
  • I'm a-OK with lots of genres, but I do have a particular favourite to slice of life!
  • I'm ok with pairs of any sexuality!



Google Docs


  • Generally I'd like to roleplay where I can organise things (e.g. with a server, just for ourselves) - DMs are OK but it might get swamped a little ):


One on one
Up to 3 people
Up to 5 people
5+ people
As big as possible


  • Right now I'm strictly looking for one-on-one! However, I have no objections being invited to big roleplay groups (I have experience with both).

Post Length

1 or 2 sentences
1 or 2 paragraphs
2 to 5 paragraphs
5+ paragraphs
A few pages worth


  • I'm not too much into script roleplays - I'm very strictly semi-lit or pure-lit. That means a paragraph upwards at least, but I'm not too strict on length equality!

Character Types



  • Humans or humanoids only! I'm OK with alternate forms, but with the exception of that one Warriorcat roleplay I did back when I was 12, I have absolutely no experience nor desire to roleplay as anything else.
  • I can RP my Dainties (can also put them in a human AU!)

Character Setting

Slice of Life


  • I love slice of life so much. I'm a sucker particularly for high school plots, NEET/odd job characters, and stuff revolving teen angst.
  • I haven't had one in a while but I would be floored for a fantasy-esque AU too!
  • A-OK with historical, but will need a fantasy theme with it! (Not comfortable with doing modern military)
  • I additionally love sci-fi and modern. I've consumed so much of it. Basically stuff that's like Star Trek, Star Wars, Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien... you get the idea hehe



Only if planned beforehand
If the characters become close
It depends on the character


  • I'm always okay with shipping! No qualms here.
  • A majority of my characters are masculine gender-wise but some are fem too! I don't have any preference in terms of sexuality

Shipping Speed

Over a few months
Slow and steady
Snails pace
No set speed; happens naturally


  • Any is okay, but preferably I'd like them to get to know each other first! I'm also okay with revisiting stuff and building parts of the character here and there along the way. 
  • It usually falls under 'natural', I'm in no rush here!


No smut
Skip writing the act entirely
Write the build up, skip the act
Write the act if it is special
Write the act all the way through


  • I'm okay with anything! I do prefer we discuss boundaries first if we do decide to RP NSFW.
  • It's pretty obvious but just in case it's not - I will not RP r*pe/sexual assault or anything involving minors. As the character's history? OK. Involving my character? No thanks.

Romantic Artwork

Posting okay if it is cuddles and hugs
Posting okay if it is NSFW


  • Unlike writing I basically have no qualms about romantic artwork, explicit or not!


Verbal arguments
Minor violence (smacking, pushing)
Mild violence (punching, kicking)
Extreme Violence (stabbing, torture)


  • Anything that is beyond arguments should not be anything that is indicative of an abusive relationship, romantic or not (unless we have side characters and it's used as a plot device). Otherwise it's free real estate, but I might have qualms on extreme torture depending on the plot/character (mostly it just has to, you know, make sense).
  • I don't have any triggers regarding violence!

Violent Artwork

Posting is okay


  • Same as above!
Credit: Meme // Code

Making a new one of these! While I'm pretty happy with my current roster of OCs, I'd like to do these once in a while to see if there's anything that might catch my eye.
Please take note that just because I'm EOing them doesn't mean I'm desperate to get rid of them!

EO: Foreverhomed characters
These you'll have to grasp out of my hands but maybe something will catch my eye... who knows!
Highlights: CS (Dainties, Mignyans)

For these I'm only strictly looking for the following:
Designs by: BEDBUGMOCHI, Nochenails (no gijinkas)
The following CS: Premade dainties/slots

EO: ...others. HAHAH
Some are more tent than others and some I'm definitely willing swap out/give away but I'm too lazy to sort them HAHAH

For these I'm looking for the following:
Stuff I listed above!
Stuff listed in my preferences
Voucher! Looking for a min $60 specifically (note that I can only accept this if you're offering on one of my designs)
Art! For some characters I'm definitely willing to let go for art only :D

And that's it! I'd rather you comment on this bulletin but PMs are a-ok too :D

Artfight! [Team Bloom]

Posted 3 months, 1 day ago by Johtozo

I uploaded all my characters last minute LAUGHS but I'm there! #teambloom baby
Please drop your artfight name so I can follow you back if I haven't! Hehe

Right now I'm focused on commissions so maybe attacks might be simple BUT I'll try my best to reach around to everyone! :-o



Posted 3 months, 15 days ago by Johtozo

TL;DR - The tradgedy of my insurance charging my deductible is not epicswag, I need about $500 to cover it

$240/500 covered so far! :'O

hkqLH1e.pngLonger version:

I unfortunately was involved in a car collision sometime ago - I'm fine, which is awesome, but what is not awesome is the damages I have to cover T___T the amount I have to pay out of pocket is at 6203 Danish kroner (DKK), but my parents can help me cover half of it. That leaves me with ~3102 DKK to pay, which corresponds to ~$440 USD with current rates. Ouch!

Currently it can be paid off since the money has been sorted, so this isn't a time-sensitive emergency, but it does set me back that $440, which is a pretty important amount of money as I'm planning to have some time off and actually touch some real damn grass this summer ): the extra $60 is to cover for extra fees and eventual conversion, which gives us that total of $500

I'd like to really get as close to that goal as I can, and one of the ways you can help me do that is by commissioning me!

Everything listed is $35. Simply PM/comment to order!
(Canvas is 900*900, images here are resized to fit)

If you're familiar with my work and would like something else
than listed here, feel free to contact me!

Can work with humanoids, anthros, ferals, mecha, any species
Detailed design = extra charge, $5-15 depending on complexity
NO NSFW. Couples/group OK!



Chibis (Crayon)


Chibis (Finelined)


$15 Bust Commissions [Open]

Posted 7 months, 9 days ago by Johtozo

Formatting is super ass because I'm on mobile but $15 bust commissions open! My queue is basically finished by February so these are quick and have a turnaround time of the end of this week. I just need some weekend money :-P so fcfs until I feel like I have enough I guess?

Any character/species, feel free to DM or msg me via Discord!




Selling Character

Posted 7 months, 15 days ago by Johtozo

Don't really have a use for her so Dell's for sale!

I'm only accepting money offers! / min offer $30

O+LF: Characters, Art, Customs

Posted 8 months, 12 days ago by Johtozo

A slightly different trade bulletin! I'd really love some more characters in my roster but spending money on designs is kinda tiring for me since I gotta take commissions asdfghjkl. If you just want to do solely character trades you can go to this bulletin instead.

- Characters from here, and here! Please do not go outside the tag
- Customs! You can see examples here. By default I will give you a sketchy fullbody + chibi + possibly a little trait explainer (like this), but we can negotiate what you'd like! If I really like your offer I can even do something like this. I can design CS too!
- Art! I can offer chibis (finelined or crayoned style), full art (clean-sketched, clean lineart, crayoned, or my old style)
- ...or a mix of any above!

I have like 1000 bajillion art styles so if you see something in a style you really like just let me know and we can figure something out!

Looking for...
- Things from my preferences list! Customs + characters A-OK!
- Vouchers of those in my ufo/uft favs folder - please note that they are in NO way an autoaccept. All of the ocs in that folder should be explicitly marked with the toyhouse trade tag listing, but please make sure they are available because somebody might've obtained them and I haven't cleared it out of the older yet
- CS designs/characters from the aforementioned prefs list!
- Art!!! You should be able to draw masculine or masc-presenting humanoids - I don't really care about art style as long as you can communicate their features. I'll probably ask you to draw characters from this folder OR some variation of Tony. I don't have anything in mind in particular but of course if you're looking for an art trade then I'll offer something of the same complexity!

Aaand that should be it! If you're offering customs/art please link examples! I'm also cool to view lots of toyhouse pages but just be aware that it might make me miss actual characters I'm interested in since I can't focus on that many all at once ^^'

Please comment on this bulletin! Do not DM me, I just want to keep track of everything here

Trade/EO bulletin bump!

Posted 8 months, 17 days ago by Johtozo

Feel free to offer agian if I declined your offer last time! Changed what I'm looking for too :-]

Birthday :~)

Posted 8 months, 21 days ago by Johtozo

Public service announcement hehee... I am 20 today! 


I got some OCs collecting dust so here we go again! Really just looking for new faces. Feel free to offer again if I've declined your offer last time!

All under EO on this link

Preferences/likes link

Highlights: Dainty by me, Mignyans (incl. Hypmo), Svyatoy one-off, Lysandrecafe one-off... and many designs by me

Not listed in my toyhouse is a reg dainty slot and an UC mignyan slot! I'm way less tent with my Mignyan slot than the Dainty slot

I CAN OFFER CUSTOMS + ART TO MAKE UP YOUR CHARACTER'S WORTH! Can also accept art/character trades with an art offer from my side :-)

DO NOT GO OUTSIDE THIS TAG. And of course those tagged FH are harder to get, esp. my Mignyans.


  • Things listed in my preferences list! With mutuals/people I follow I'm more lenient :-)
  • Spinxyns, I've been hunting them down for a while T_T
  • If offering slots, Mignyans or Dainties only
  • Designs that I've explicitly expressed interest on in the past, if they're not under the preferences list
  • Art
  • Monetary offers (but not on my CS, as they are not appraised)


  • On my Tomoyoki slot... it is gift only
  • Customs, unless you are the bolded designer
  • Leftover/on-base adopts or any characters that are super hard to get rid of (chances are I'm probably not into them either)

I'm 100% OK if you'd like to voucher from my ufo/uft favourites folder but please ensure that they're still explicitly marked ufs/ufoI only put designs that are specially put up on the trading list with the toyhouse tagging system in that folder but someone may have acquired them already and I've forgotten to tidy the folder up. Note that even if you offer it's in no way an autoaccept.

It might take a while for me to respond so just gimme a few days I'll reply back I promise ToT