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Happy brieth day m'bro

Aaaaaa thank you sm!! 

Hello! Thank you for your kind words in the "say something to the user above you" thread. I was very touched that you enjoy my designs and drawings! Thank you for making my day, and I hope you have a wonderful one as well^^!

Hi, you're very welcome, and I'm super glad I made your day omg!! :D And thank you too for subbing to me aaa, it reminded me that I wasn't following you on TH yet ;v; I'm eager to see more of your work! 

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for favouriting Evie- but also I wanted to say that your art and characters are absolutely adorable!! :D

You're very welcome! :D Evie is a great (and adorable) character! And thanks a bunch, haha! 💕

Hello! Just wanted to say that your side account for Raffaello is such an inspiration, I can feel how much you love him just by visiting that account. He is a great character too! 💖

Hi, and thank you, haha! I actually use that account as a regular side account but yeah, I named it after him because I love him and his name is close to my own! Anyway, I'm glad you like him too, and thanks for passing by! :) 

Hi Judas!!! I just wanted to say you're a really big inspiration to me! All your profiles are so well done and your stories and portrayal of things like religion and war are like fantastic! I haven't seen someone who parodied(?) religion like you do, everyone is always really negative imo but you're mega respectful! And everything is so well researched omg. Your art is also super good! It's very cute and you draw so much for a wide variety of your characters and I'm just like maaaan how do they do it!!!
So yeah
Keep it up!!

Aaa thank you so much, you're nice!! ;v; I'm glad you like my characters, and find my stories well researched and respectful of the themes they're based on omg! ♥ Thank you for the nice words about my art as well aaaa! Your comment really made my day! ;o;

Ahhh i'm really glad!! You deserve the compliments ;'D

This is probably a foolish question but what is the layout you're using here? It's really neat and honestly super pleasant to the eye ;;

Thank you! This layout originally was a freebie by @vom (even though I did some changes to it), but I think it's unavailable now, idk if they are revamping it or something ;;  It also uses this code to display a background behind the boxes, if that helps!

Thank you!! And oh noo that's really a shame because I honestly really like it and feel like it'd look visually a tad more pleasant than the one I currently use ;; I know there is a CSS version but it has maybe a bit too much going on. I might go and ask about it and inquire if it's possible to at least buy that code if nothing else 

Aw I'm sorry! :c But if that can reassure you, please know that I think your current layouts already look really good!! :'D But good luck if you decide to change it c: And I think that even if you buy the CSS version, you can always remove some parts that you find overwhelming! 

I ended up ordering a custom! I have had some difficulties with my current layout and figured I should finally get a layout that works for me better ; v ; 

Ooh that's awesome! I'm eager to see how it will look like, then! :D

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Hi! How are you? (also your english is really good! i'm trying to learn french right now!)

Hi! I'm 18, and thank you! Good luck with learning French!! I've heard that it's a pretty difficult language for non-natives to learn, so if you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out! :) 

Thank you! Yeah, from what I've learned so far it's a little confusing :P

Thank you for the sub!! You have great characters.........

You're very welcome, and tysm for the sub back!! I really admire how much work and love you put into your characters ;v;

Ofc I gotta sub you back~ And ahhh thank you again I'm happy to hear that ;w;

going extra hard an make me pick betwen pureen and manari huh...........


Thank you very much for your comment on my OCs for that thread! I'm glad you think so; I don't want my OCs to be underdeveloped so I tried my best to make them varied! 

You're very welcome! I wish you all the best with your OCs c:

Tes persos et tes dessins sont parmi les plus adorable que j'ai jamais vu -w- 

Grdfgvh merci beaucoup, c'est trop gentil ;o;

Pas de quoi x33

Thank you so much for the sub!!! I'm really glad,,, <DD

You're very welcome! Your OCs' bios are fun to read and your art style is very iconic and easy on the eyes ;v;





;____; thank you for sending love Ganymede's way

You're welcome! She's super pretty ❤️

tysm for the nice comment on Neri! She has a lot of history, which... I think might change your mind on the kind of person she is :') I have yet to put it up though!! Oh well...

You're very welcome!! ♥

Ooh? An innocent-looking character who isn't really what she seems? Sounds super nice c: Good luck then, I look forward seeing her again on the forums! 

Ok--j'ai énormément de choses à dire du genre: T'es persos sont géniaux, tes artworks sont adorables, les designs sont superbes et les profiles sont magnifques--Tout simplement énorme <33

Ooomfg merci beaucoup, c'est trop sympa ! :D J'aime beaucoup tes OCs aussi (surtout tes persos historiques haha), et ton style est magnifique ! ♥

Mais de rien, de rien! Je trouve les tiens tellement fascinant du coup merci de m'avoir permis de décourvrir ton talent B) Et merci beaucoup hehehe, heureuse que mes ocs (surtout Christian >:) ) et mon style te plaise! J'en suis honorée! <3

Hfgghfvh c'est trop gentil jo plor ;-;

Et Christian est parfait drftvgybh, j'étais trop content de voir toutes ces réfs dans sa bio, et puis je veux voler ses fringues ;o; ♥

maismaismais je dis la veritey absolue, j'adore ce que tu fais mdrr-- OLOLOLO---Mon serpent de Christian apprécie le compliment :'DD Et merci, l'histoire de France est un truc que je kiff (de toute façon ça faisait partie de la plus grosse part du programme à l'école orz)--Hahaha! J'avoue que les tenues d'époqus sont élégantes u-u




I love all of your characters!~

They are so cute! >~<

I love them way too much!~


Aww, thank you so much!! I'm glad you like them, and your comment is super sweet ♥

judas i think i murdered your thread 

forgive me for i have sinned

sorry not sorry

Oof lmao

I'll see if I can revive it! Sorry I've been a bit absent from the forums lately :v

(Also a quick tip to avoid "murdering" my preference game thread would be to avoid posting the same pairs (Hermes/Raphael, Caine/Elijah...) over and over, I think! I understand that you are looking for feedback on them, but I think that a lot of the regulars in the thread have already claimed these in the past, and that's why it's often stuck! You can still post these characters individually ofc, but maybe pair them with someone else? ^^' -sorry if the way I worded this sounds rude off it isn't my attention at all-)

It’s alright haha!

Oooh I see, that helps a lot; thanks. Yeah it doesn’t sound rude, don't worry!



ugh my uwu are all over the place ♥️

commenting from the thread here, :) yes but movies/series/lore such as Vampire Diaries. Wiccans(witches/warlocks) are classed as supernatural :) but awesome :) could you explain what FP and TPC means? XD

yes I am aware its belief and religion xD my sister is Pagan/Wiccan XD

Oh, hello again :') Lmao I understand now, it just felt kinda weird and out of place without context haha... And I don't really watch any series, and rarely movies lmao

FP and TPC refer to two of my comic projects, Flying Popcorn and The Paradoxal Collection!



ahh okay yeah sorry I should have explained better XD ahh how cool ^_^ ^^ they sound interesting!

Aww thank you very much ♡

you're welcome <3


;__________; ♥♥♥

(Et regarde moi à côté qui spamme de la merde sur ton profil lmao)

Lmao mais c'est pour ça que je t'aime donc je m'en fout ^______^ ❤️



mééééé euuuuuh

sorry about the whole intimidating thing, i mean it because you're so admirable and i am just a small baby!! i don't think you're unapproachable at all ;o;

Haha don't worry, I was just kinda surprised! But aww I'm really honored that you see me as admirable ;o;

You have inspired me to draw my ocs! I can jsut feel the love radiating off of each page and each art! You love them so much!

You inspire me!

Thank you!

Hrftgyhu thank you so much for your nice comment ♥ I'm glad to know I inspire you haha (:

Salut ! Je viens de découvrir ton profil et j'adore tes persos, ils sont adorables et super intéressants ! ♥

Wow, merci beaucoup, ça me fait super plèz de recevoir un message comme ça ! :D J'ai jetté un oeil à ton profil du coup et j'ai beaucoup ce que tu fais aussi, je me suis abo histoire de voir comment tes persos vont évoluer (je veux en savoir plus sur The God Complex mhmm ça a l'air cool) ;w; ♥

aaah mais de rien et merci à toi ! ♥ il faut absolument que je me motive pour faire une description de tous mes persos (puis que je les ajoute tous mais bon pour ça y'en a que je dois redessiner xD) c'est sensé être une BD, ça fait genre 3 ans que j'ai commencé à bosser dessus mais avec les cours et mes idées qui partent dans tous les sens c'est un peu compliqué... mais je vais sûrement faire plus pendant les grandes vacances ! Si jamais tu veux qu'on en discute je t'en parlerai avec plaisir, je sais pas par Discord ou un truc comme ça ? je sais pas si y'a des MPs ici xD

Omfg oui je comprends, j'ai ce genre de problèmes aussi :") 'Fin j'ai un webcomic en cours mais c'est leeent haha, et pour mes autres projets, parfois plus vieux, faut encore je remette tout en place ici...

Y'a des MP ici (regarde la section "Inbox" dans le menu déroulant de la barre du haut), sinon j'ai un Discord aussi, c'est Raffaello Sanrio 🌱#6141 (:

Hey!!!!!! Happy birthday buddie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe thank you so much!! :D ♥

Heyy, thanks for your nice words on Shadmé! I thought it’d take me forever to find anyone who even knew what Kid Icarus is! :0 And your angel characters are so cool! I love angels. :D

Haha, you're very welcome! ♥ I thought Kid Icarus was a pretty well known game series, tho :o Maybe I'm a bit biased, because I've always been a Nintendo fan? 

Lmao, thank you so much! I do too, I guess it's no surprise c:

ayyy how'd you do the thing were it said "Judas wants to let you know they updated these OCs!" cus honestly that seems like a really useful function lmao

It's a new TH feature! :D I've learned about it here: https://toyhou.se/~forums/11.general/61076.toyhouse-update-notify-subscribers-button

Aw, sweet pea!! ; w; Thank you so much for the sub!! <3 <3

You're very welcome! ♡

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Wow thank you so much for this nice comment and the follow! I love your characters too ;-;

Yeah I love this game, I felt the (DA) fandom like two years ago because didn't like where the community went, but the game is still sooo good! owo 

Yeah, same x) When you're interested in theology, people directly assume that you're religious and stuff, and that isn't my case either lmao -- nice to see we have similar interests and opinions! 

Thanks for dropping by haha :3

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There was a pretty "big" TBoI community with a lot of fan characters, shipping and stuff on DA actually! I don't really know if it's still active nowadays... My OCs Michel, Gabriel and Raphaël started as TBoI fanchars! I created them when the most recent version was Wrath of the Lamb, and I modded Rebirth to make them playable in the game haha (": Now I developed them more, and they're part of another project. Several artists that used to make TBoI fanart did the same actually.

Hehe same, except that my fave part of theology is angelology instead of demonology (I guess that's easily noticeable when looking at my OCs drftgyhu), even though I find it very cool too! Not a fan of the influence of Supernatural and similar series and films on the "fandom", though xD I consider biblical mythology just as another mythology too, I'm often annoyed by people who think it should stay taboo or only a thing for actual believers.

I'm sure your characters are interesting too! Everybody has a different way to use OCs, and that's cool! I prefer to create comics and art of them, but I think RP is a great way to develop characters as well ~ I personally don't do it because I prefer to stick to my OCs' canon, I just love looking at my friends create theories and headcanons about them, lmao

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Ooh I see! That sounds very cool and thought-out indeed!

Yup, writing about their past seems like a good idea owo 

"Faible effort"? le dessin de Roxie que tu as fait pour moi était si beau ;-; Merci beaucoup ahh je l'aime tellement! Ton style est si beau et ça a fait ma journée! <3

(Désolé pour mon mauvais français ;;)

Aww de rien ! Ravi de savoir qu'il t'a plu ♥

Et ton niveau de français est super haha, ne t'inquiète pas ~

I love your icon wtf ;A; coincidentally, I began rewatching Onegai My Melody yesterday

Thank you aaa! ♥ I never watched Onegai My Melody actually, I just found some gifs on Tumblr and they were too cute, I couldn't resist haha! I liked to watch an Hello Kitty animated series when I was younger tho, but unfortunately I can't recall the exact title of it >.>

You're characters are so cute? I'm glad you were the person who claimed me on that forum post cus now i can watch all your cuties omg

also! There's so much art of Luna cus she's my first OC! 13 years old IRL , so i'm glad she got some love! <3

Ooh I understand better now, thank for explaining! ~

And aww thank you so much for the sub ;w; ♥ I'm really glad to know you like my charas!

J'ai jeté un oeil à ton profil (parce que j'ai une certaine passion pour les carottes) et... Je dois dire que j'adore tes idées! :'D Tes personnages et tes histoires me semblent très intéressants, j'espère pouvoir lire tout ça !

Wow, merci beaucoup ♥ J'espère que je pourrai partager mes histoires rapidement aussi o/


what do you think of the new Touhou 15.5?

Ooooh, helloooo! :D What are your favourite games and characters? 

Mine are Mystic Square (I really like the PC-98 era ;; ) and Perfect Cherry Blossom haha, but basically, I like all the games. I also enjoy playing some fangames as well... Some of my favourite characters include Youmu, Marisa, Yuyuko, Mai (from MS), Miko and Reimu!

I haven't played it yet (but I plan too), I prefer the danmaku games over the fighting games actually! The new characters seems cool, already saw some cute fanart of them ♥

SHJSJAJ RELATABLE perfect cherry blossom and mystic square are so memorable! ten desires, undefined fantastic object, and subterranean animism has my heart tho

we almost have the same fave characters ah lord but my faves are mostly hina, koishi, reisen, murasa, remilia, seiga, miko, futo, youmu, and yoshika!

Thank you for the favorite of Galaxias, sweetheart! I really appreciate your input on the forum game! It was very kind and sincere! ; v; <3

You're very welcome! ~

Glad to know my assumptions were right! ^^

Mais combien as-tu de personnages? XD

75 sur Toyhouse pour l'instant, mais en vrai je dois en avoir plus d'une centaine lmao

Moi, j'en ai plus de 100, combiner guys + gals.

Oh goodness, i love your characters!! *O* such pretty designs and profiles,,, and the concept behind them is so unique too !! Good job !! :D <3

Thank you sooo much, your comment made my day! I'm happy to know you appreciate my character concepts! ♥

oh hi! :3

Ooh hello! Nice to see you here too (๑・v・๑)