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Help me get my babs featured!

Posted 7 days, 10 hours ago by K-9-Dog

I would love to get my characters featured, please help me by faving them! I'm happy to toss a fav back if you want. I normally don't do this, but it would mean the world to me if these could hit the front page. 






incoming spam

Posted 2 months, 8 days ago by K-9-Dog

oof I really need to update- I found more designs I have gotten a while back (like a LONG time ago) but haven't posted them here- 

Master pinglist [updated 8-25-19]

Posted 4 months, 23 days ago by K-9-Dog

Because adding individual tabs is taking forever lmao

Basically, you get pinged if I ever do put a character up for trade/sell listing. You can apply to be put on a pinglist, but keep in mind there are some characters I may never sell at all! (Like Sammy for example) but you can still be placed on a pinglist if there's ever a day. 

Those who are on a character's pinglist will have first dibs for offering before the public is allowed to offer.

All characters can be requested to be added to the ping list, EXCEPT for:

- Closed/open species
- MYO Slots

ONLY way of getting a pingslot for those types above is for any outstanding reasons (Such as you gifted me them or paid the MYO slot for me)

If you'd like to be added, just comment with links to characters you'd like to be pinged for.
Also, please do NOT constantly ask if the character you registered for is for sale/offers yet. This will get you removed. You will know if a character you registered for is when I notify you.

Click here for Pinglist
Pinglist is on a google doc drive.
Currently transferring all established pings. If you're not there, give it time! 

Free art raffle!!

Posted 5 months, 12 days ago by K-9-Dog

Please go check out Fogzilla on devianart! This is an amazing chance to get some HQ artwork!


They do have a toyhou.se and deviantart, check them out here:


77+ favs??? H-how??? ;o; 

Thank you so much! I'm surprised you guys love my decor! Because of this, I'm taking decor suggestions!!!

Quick suggestion guidelines:

> Please don't confuse this as decor of your characters, the images are not drawn by me. They are open sourced images from the web.

> Decor made from suggestions will be FREE to use by everyone.

> When suggesting, please refer to my decor's TOS. Click here for the TOS.

> You can suggest as many as you want! Suggestion are unlimited. I might not do all of them but suggest away!

> Suggestions will ONLY close if someone breaks any of my decor TOS. (Refer to my TOS for more information)

How to suggest decor!

Basically, just comment aesthetics, themes, colors or even fan stuff! (Like characters from movies/books/tv/etc...)
Examples: Kidcore, Halloween, blue, The Lion King, etc....

You can specify what decor type. 
Just link an image from my decor in your comment, and just say you'd like your suggestion in this variation. Or just describe what you'd like. XD

That's about it! Suggest away!

Hi everyone, I will be placing all my NSFW images on Authorization. This is to prevent the public seeing them and any kiddos. Kids can easily click through the warning and still be exposed to images. 

I will possibly be making it only visible to me in the future, and to make new terms for authorizations. 

In the past, I made authorizations a VIP thing, but now I'm planning on making all VIP content available, and using authorizations for those who are 18+. This is to prevent minors from accessing pornography and sensitive content. 

I will be posting another bulletin soon, and clear my authorization list. I will then have to require some light proof of age if you wish to be authorized such works. 

incoming spam!

Posted 9 months, 5 days ago by K-9-Dog

I really need to start registering all my stuff, and keep track of what art of said characters I've gotten. 

I admit I've been sorta nervous to post new characters, I got lots of characters but I love them all equally. I do plan on commissioning others soon as I get my new job, but rest assured none of them are gathering dust, <3

Art to do list!

Posted 9 months, 13 days ago by K-9-Dog

To keep track. ^^

Custom for CapriBea (anthro space lioness)

- Lineless art style for BroodingBungalow, of their character https://toyhou.se/1735064.dyce

- Two art pieces for Grill 

- two art pieces for Feirfull 

If I forgot you, please comment!

Sale account!

Posted 9 months, 15 days ago by K-9-Dog

To make trades and offering characters easier, I now have a sale account! 

I will be transferring those up for offers on the account. 

Here's what you'll see on my trade account in the near future:

- Designs UFT (of course!) 

- Commission/custom design commission openings 

- DTA's, raffles and other freebies! 

Here's my trade account! K-19-Labs

Since deviantart is going to drop Eclipse on us soon, I'm making my page decor I've made free to use on certain websites; not just for Deviantart! <3 (By certain websites, I mean those I have so I can make sure my TOS is being followed! List of approved websites are in the page bio.)

You have to read the rules and fav the "character" file! Other than that, have fun! <33