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  • Use my characters in any fashion including but not limited to, RP, Face Claims, Body claims, Commercially (in prints, on t-shirts mugs etc), as your own character, etc. They are mine and not for you.
  • DO NOT KIN to my characters. They are not you, you are not them and really never will be.
  • Trace, or copy my characters. This includes heavily referencing specific details outside general anatomy.
  • Ship my characters with yours. Often times they're already in relationships or aren't looking for any kind of relationships. This includes but is not limited to life partners, sexual relationships, friendships etc.
  • Repost/ upload my characters ANYWHERE else. This includes but is not limted to, Deviant Art, Furaffinity, Pintrest, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook,. Dreamwidth, etc
  • Ask me for characters that are not specifically listed somewhere for sale whether here or on another platform. The answer is no and you will be blocked if you repeatedly ask for them.
  • Make headcannons, stories featuring my character without asking me first. This includes deciding backstory, sexual orientation, gender etc.
  • Critique my characters unless asked to do so, this includes name, backstory, art etc. This includes saying things like "I don't like, or this makes me feel uncomfortable" etc. My characters are adults with adult decisions, personalities, faults, and relationships and not necessarily suited for a younger audience. All nudity etc will be marked as such, that's not what I mean by adult. I mean some may be addicted to things, struggle with mental illness's personality disorders etc. 
  • Like/ favorite a character seen here. 
  • Comment ON THE CHARACTER ONLY, if you'd like to be pinged if the character ever goes up for sale.
  • Ask about RP etc (it will likely be no, but every once in a while I take on RP partners)
  • Make fan art of my characters AS LONG AS you do not draw NSFW, with your characters without my permission, with any sort of gore art not featured in the actual character. You are not allowed to redesign them, claim them as your own, monetize the art in any way (selling prints, putting on merchandise etc). You may not allow people to trace the art or copy the art in any way or upload anywhere else. The art belongs to you but the character does not and you do not have my permission to extend any sort of permission or licence for you to distribute any sort of likeness to my characters. 
  • Reference LOOSELY for anatomy only. Do not reference for character design, or specific features. This does NOT mean you can trace it. That's not referencing that's tracing.

SOME OF MY CHARACTERS MAY HAVE NUDE OR SENSITIVE THEMES SUCH AS NUDITY, DEPRESSION, PERSONALITY DISORDERS, ETC. You have been warned. I will not be changing my characters to suit you. Thank you!

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