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I see you're trying to get a peak at my profile/characters? Fine by me, as long as you follow my rules and take into account my warnings! If you decide against pressing forward, happy travels!


  • If you pass by these warnings, I'm not responsible for you triggers if they were listed here.
  • Same things goes for rules. If you break a rule and it was here, then you have no excuse. If you say "I didn't read your rules" that just shows me that you don't need to be on my profile. I'm willing to hear you out, just keep in mind this will be taken into my consideration.
  • I don't condone my characters evil/bad actions. My story and a lot of my characters revolve around murder or other sensitive topics, this does not mean I agree with them.
  • Proceed with CAUTION! My characters, as stated previously, have sensitive topics attached to them that will be mentioned more on the warnings tab/their individual profile warning.


  • Draw Fanart/Ask Questions/Write Headcannons/Etc. I ADORE this stuff, it makes me so happy.
  • Point out if you think something isn't being handled correctly. I try to do my research on things, especially if the topic could hurt someone if handled incorrectly. For that reason, if you see I am handling a topic incorrectly, inform me and I'll try to change it to be more accurate! Just don't be rude about it. I am human and can screw things up, just need a gentle push in the right direction sometimes.
  • Ask for art trades! While I am not open to requests (Except for close friends) or commissions, I am very open to art trades! This includes pretty much any skillset. You do not have to be a "HQ" artist to ask to trade with me. With that in mind however, I can deny them if I see fit. I won't be rude about it, unless you have been rude to me.
  • Ask questions about/to me. If you would like to know a bit more about me, such as what my favorite songs are, art advice, etc. Don't hesitate to try and have a conversation with me < 3


  • I have feelings and so do others. Do not come onto my profile to start crap and be rude to me or anyone else.
  • Draw NSFW of my characters (excluding gore). I am a minor.
  • Don't steal, trace, or copy my art or characters. This includes using my characters as face claims or using my art or characters for NFTs, since thats started to become a problem according to others profile warnings...
  • Offer on my characters unless explicitly stated. If I go to sell a character, I'll put it in a sales folder. Otherwise, my characters are not for sale.

I've got a lot of warnings.


  • Abuse (Physical, Mental, and Ocassionally Sexual)
  • Violence/Death/Blood
  • Cannabalism
  • Drugs/Alcohol (Drugs both real and fictional)
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Kidnapping
  • More Can Be Added if I see Fit (A.K.A I realize it needs to be)


  • Homophobic, Transphobic, Racist, Pedophilic, etc.
  • Just Here to Cause Problems.

It takes a lot to b put on blacklist, just be a decent person and we're good. No blacklisted users, for now.


  • No One
    • For now.

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