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Hi! I'm k1tty5, you can call me kitty/kittys, a nickname as long as im okay with you using it, or just k1tty5. im a young artist doing my best to improve whenever i can! RULES: DNI with me if: you are/support p*do, inc*st, sexism, ableism, racism, homophobic, transphobic, abusive, cant respect people & their beliefs even if you do not agree with them, hate on any group, make lies about people for no reason, etc. be kind here, this is a safe place for all. try to keep the drama away. i'm no therapist but i try my best to be helpful & supportive :] do not steal/copy/trace my art or characters. of course you can trace my art for practice, AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT POST IT OR CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN. i work hard on my art & designs. everyone does. might add more later.

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