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just to clear the air [political bullshit]

Posted 19 days, 6 hours ago by Kavaro

no i am not a trump supporter :| 

the main reason i don't allow political statement on my board is because there ARE people on here who will send threats, harassment and callouts just because people don't agree with them. 

for someone to assume i'm a trump supporter because of that??? that is downright asinine. like are you fucking kidding me

no, i am a centrist and i'm not even registered to vote. it pisses me off that people just assume and don't ask to clarify 


PSA: another pedophile...

Posted 23 days, 17 hours ago by Kavaro

passing on the warning to you guys, because i know some of you are underaged. 

please see these PSAs: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/41436.psa-dragonpriestess


and steer clear of this user if you are underaged! their behavior is inexcusable and incredibly disgusting

stay safe, lovelies ~ 

it's been a long time coming, and i'm sorry if this comes off as rude, pathetic, whatever it may be but it's been building up over years and years 

i'm so tired of being called guilty by association just because i'm friends with someone who has faff with someone else for whatever fucking reason. I AM NOT THEM. i do not control them, i do not tell them what to do. i have my own mind, my own motives, my own reasons. and i rarely have malicious intent for any fucking thing that i do. 

it's happened so many times over the years and quite frankly, i'm just tired of it. and i'm sorry to those who got hurt along the way. i know i have a lot of apologizing myself to do, but it's likely the people involved won't even see this bulletin, and that's something i need to accept. it started with faeryths by sakiadopts. i bought them because i loved them, they fit so well into my story as little deities for one of my realms. i didn't buy them because of their "resemblance/alikeness" to dreamies. that wasn't my intention. i didn't make the connection to dreamies at all when i first saw them. but that doesn't mean i had malicious intent when i kept buying them and still buy them to this day. it hurts that people would say i'm only buying them because they are "knock-offs", which i truly don't believe they are. 

next up was the whole opri fiasco. yes, my best friend is the one who made them. at first, like with faeryths, i did not notice the alikeness to beau's species. it wasn't until beau pointed it out to me, that i started to freak out about it. my best friend was incredibly fragile at the time and i just didn't know what to do. i had to support her, and i know it was wrong in the sense that i was going about it, and again i apologize for it. it doesn't excuse my actions but i wasn't doing it to hurt beau or the species as a whole. it's hard when your friend already feels like a failure and is hanging on by threads for her passions and her life. i should have taken better control of the situation and helped her redesign them. and i accept that that fault is on my shoulders. but i am not the one who continued to make them- i did keep buying them but for the purpose of supporting my friend and the fact that i would be turning them into humanoids and tossing their species traits aside. in the end, she stopped making them after collapsing to the pressure. 

next, there's harepys and gummi sharks. i mistakenly bought harepys because i thought they were so cute. i do see now that they are alike to nus, and that's why i've made the decision to sell mine. i initially had plans to turn them into my own species, or into humanoids, but the incident with beau just prevents me from connecting to them because i now see how alike the species are- i can't ignore my good morals. so i am separating myself from owning anymore species that look alike to others, for the sake of my own sanity. 

as for gummi sharks, i have no intentions to slander pie's name. while i am upset she doesn't allow commercial use for her sharks anymore, it's really not a big deal to me. i've been selling off the sharks i don't use, and that is honestly it. so if anyone hears rumours that i'm slandering or making a rally against pie, it is simply not true. again, i am NOT guilty just because i am friends with someone who is offending. stop that asinine assumption. it's not helping anyone involved. that, as a mindset, needs to die off immediately. 

for those who don't know, i suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and paranoid personality disorder, along with borderline personality disorder. i completely shut down when it comes to conflict. i go into such a panic and it gets to the point of where i can't do anything but sit and cry while my brain frantically tries to figure out what to do or say. it's not an excuse for my behavior, but i can apologize for it. i'm getting better with it in the end and as much as i wish i could go back and right all the wrongs i've done, i know it's a far reach and likely won't happen in the ways i want it to. 

but you can assure that i do not have malicious intent for anything- anymore. after years and years of drama, even before faeryths and opris, it's been emotionally and physically draining and damaging. i'm tired of it- it's why i've been keeping to myself and hiding away from everyone. i can't handle anymore of it. i just want to be at peace and make friends and ties with others in this community. but i feel i can't do that until all amends are made. you're welcome to bring up anything i've done so i can explain myself, clarify or apologize for it. i want a clean slate and i want to move forward without having all of this baggage tying me down from being happy. 

my stance on this pedophile thing..

Posted 3 months, 5 days ago by Kavaro

i know a lot of you know about this by now, and some people got a mixed message from what i posted on my complaints board about it! 

i'm just here to say, in no way, do i condone their actions- and i am in no way comforting them or believing that what they are doing is OK, etc. i am not a pedophile-apologist in any shape or form or fashion. 

i only had to speak out about the vague-ing because only after did someone pm me with who it was, did i realize that it does break toyhouse's rules and my own for my board. i apologize if my message came off as if everyone involved was "bullying" them, which i certainly don't believe that was happening, but i was much more concerned about my thread being taken down in the long run if i didn't try to control it after that. yikes. i hope you guys understand! i know a couple of people got the wrong message from my post, so i hope this clears up any confusion! 

if you do not know about it yet, please PM me, ESPECIALLY if you are a minor. contact with this person needs to be avoided at all costs. 

PSA: about fenharel

Posted 3 months, 13 days ago by Kavaro

if you haven't seen this already, please take a look: http://toyhou.se/~forums/5867.service-reviews/43246.artist-beware-psa-fenharelxfenharel

this user has tried to resale an adopt by me for higher than he paid just because he drew them on a base, which i don't allow. 

this user is not allowed to have any designs by me anymore. do not trade or sell them to him. if you catch anyone doing so, please let me know asap. 

|D happy birthday to me!

Posted 6 months, 9 days ago by Kavaro

it's finally my birthday! \ * v * / i turn 25 today!!! 


//throws confetti 

for future art requests....

Posted 6 months, 14 days ago by Kavaro

eventually, once i finish my owed things.. i'd like to take some requests.

for now!! leave a character(s) down below and maybeeee i'll have some time to draw them soon >:3c

any type of oc is a-ok with me