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This is one of the more unique species I've seen. Its semi-open, with common traits being free for anyone to use. From what I've seen, it has lots of flexibility within each set of traits, which is good to see.

Supplimental Comfort meme

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Roleplay Information

This is my comfort level for roleplaying~


Participants: Open Rp comminity, tight-knit rp community

Post Length:no less than 3 sentences, any length allowed


  • Modern Fantasy
  • Slice of life
  • Sandbox worldbuilding
  • Multiveral nexus

Shipping:you can do it, I won't


  • Yes!
  • Plot twists/surprises
  • Adventure
  • false accusations
  • persecution
  • racism/descrimination
  • broken political systems
  • enemies
  • Violence
  • mental illness

Location/App: Forums, Discord


  • Long-Term and Dedicated
  • Multi-plot/interconnected plots
  • Player-driven
  • Open-plot culture
  • 5-10 regular players
  • No app
  • account per player

Participants:2-4 people

Post Length:see 'Love'


  • Sci-fi
  • High fantasy
  • Animal groups
  • Art-rp

Shipping/Drama: See 'Love'

Location/App:pms, Toyhouse


  • Long-Term and Dedicated
  • Multi-plot/interconnected plots
  • Player-driven
  • Open-plot culture
  • 5-10 regular players


Post Length:2-3 sentences


  • Mystery
  • school (HS-college)
  • political intrigue
  • War

Shipping: after you get to know me, once the characters know one anohter

Drama: See 'Love' Section

Location/App:skype, other chat apps


  • Not sure if I'll be up for it? ASK me.


Participants: Huge Open RP group,

Post Length:chat style(1 sentence or less)/novel style


  • Horror
  • Historical
  • Fandom
  • AU's
  • romance
  • tragedy

Shipping: Without my permission/without character interaction


  • Romance for Romance's sake
  • Days of Our Lives -style drama
  • Violence for violence's sake
  • heavy NSFW

Location/App: google docs, email,


  • God Modding
  • power playing
  • post splicing
  • account per character


  • Used to roleplay frequently with fellow writers

Worlds to Play in


  • One we create ourselves!
  • multiversal nexus
  • modern style city
  • wilderness
  • Publick locations such as a park, store, library etc

  • preexisting settings
  • small town/secluded setting

  • real world, fictional location, tech, magic
  • a character's house
  • Ask me!


I probably just don't know these fandoms

  • all Fandoms


  • Not sure if I'd be up for it? Just ask! Worst I can do is say no.

by VairaSmythe

RP Comfort Meme

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Kazetatsu
About Me

Age Over 18
Activity Semi-active
Message me on Toyhou.se
Plotting Style
  • I like to meet the characters first and plan plots around relational dynamics, character goals. and long term development goals.
  • Important details for me, are the setting, agenda of the thread, and ic agendas of the characters
  • I can work with a lot of spontaneity and improvising.
  • I like focusing on the long term, and considering which situations bring lasting character development
RP Location

Google Docs
Other (ask me)
Other Notes
  • I've been gravitating towards chat venues lately, so discord rp is a definite favorite
  • I'd love to rp on a forum or toyhouse, as long as the pace is reliable
  • Forums with open threads are a plus.

One on One
Up to 3
Up to 4
As Big as Possible
Other Notes
  • in short, I don't care much how many people I'm Roleplaying with. Community dynamics matter more than numbers.
  • If the group gets along and has room for strangers I'll be cool with it.
  • I can thrive in utter chaos, even without post order or tagging.
Post Type

Script Style
Head Cannon

1 or 2 Sentences
1 or 2 Paragraphs
2 to 5 Paragraphs
5+ Paragraphs
A few pages worth
Other Notes
  • My writing style depends a lot on my muse for the plot and my partners.
  • If you write in a distinct way, I may gradually write more like you
  • If you give me a lot to work with I'll try to give you similar
  • That said, I don't strive to match post lengths.
  • Post length may shorten for faster paced roleplays
Preferred Character Types

Don't care

Original species
Other Notes
  • My characters are male, female, or sexless, but identifying as one of the two
  • A few do not use pronouns whatsoever
  • I play many sorts of species and beings
  • I am fine with playing with any sort of character species or being.
RP Types

Action / Adventure
Horror / Mystery (depends)
Slice of life / Casual
Canonical Universes
Other Notes
  • Sometimes this stuff varies from character to character. Not all of them are made for the same sort of play
  • I like original universes
  • I like rp that allows me to preserve my characters' lore.

Must be planned in advance
Characters must know each other
Depends on the character & situation

Exclusive Relationships
AU relationships with others
Other Notes
  • I never ship unless the chemistry has already been established icly
  • My characters are usually very loyal to their partners, and don't pair off with strangers
  • Don't ship my characters randomly with anyone else's
Relationship Speed

Slow and steady
Molasses, I want to suffer
Depends on the characters
Other Notes
  • Relationships occour or fail on their own time, and in their own way.
  • I'll never force something to go faster than my characters are ready for.

Skip the act
Write build up, skip act
Only write the act if it's good
Write the act always
Other Notes
  • In short, no smut ever.
Romantic Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with
Post but don't show me
Don't ever post w/o consulting
Don't care

Hugs or Cuddles
Sexual Acts
Other Notes
  • I'm a pure soul and so are a lot of my characters.
  • Even those who are not pure are not for sexual rp nor artwork
  • If they ever are, I'll make those exceptions very clear.

No violence at all
Discuss it with me first
Don't care

Verbal arguments
Mild (Papercut, Elbow to the face...)
Normal (Stabbing, Fist fight...)
Extreme (Torture...)
Other Notes
  • When it comes to violence I play in a consent based style, I can try to hurt you, but it will only be as bad as you allow it to be. I appreciate the same.
  • If you really want to harm a character, lets chat about it.
  • I'm not afraid of character death, but only if long-term plots lead us there.
Psychological Problems

Neurotypical only
Discuss it with me first
Don't care

Depression or other similar problems
Extreme personality problems, PTSD, etc.
Other Notes
  • I'm not easily triggered by these sorts of things.
  • Some of my characters have problems
  • They may or may not be disclosed
  • If your characters have mental problems, it doesn't bother me.
Dramatic / Violent Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with
Post but don't show me
Don't ever post w/o consulting
Don't care

Mental stress or self harm
Mild depictions (scrapes, bruises...)
Average depiction (open wounds...)
Extreme depictions (dismemberment, torture...)
Other Notes
  • When it comes to artwork, I like to know it exists.
  • Depending on the content, I may or may not treat it as cannon for my characters
  • Art based on RP events is almost always ok

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