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"Oh, there are quite a few names to get through here... let's see. No, not that one... a-ha!" Illthrys taps his pen onto the parchment sprawled before him before glancing up with a triumphant smile. "There you are! A favourite, was it! Yes, yes; thank you kindly! Now, if you won't mind telling me just how you managed to get here..."

"Hello friend. I suppose I could cite curiosity, for to find one such as yourself to cross my path is not an every day occurrence. Though I know well, looks are limited in what they tell, you have quite the charming aesthetic, and appear to carry with you a warriors heart, or perhaps that of a warrior poet, for I spy a look of wisdom in your eyes."

Thx for the fav! <3

Thanks for the fav on Noam ❤️

Thanks for the favorite 

whats ur fr username? mine is monkfishlover

Flight rising? Kazetatsu (When in doubt of my username on a site, I’m probably Kazetatsu) 



its me, monkfishlover from flipnote and deviantart

hey there. long time no see.