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I love Sargon Xerxes css! It looks so cool You've got really cool looking characters. :) I couldn't find the code on vom's profile. was it a custom? :o It's really nice! Hope you have a good day!

Awww thank you so much c: I'm glad you like Sargon, he's one of my new faves myself!

And yeah, the code I use for my (updated) character profiles is a commissioned custom code from vom, so I'm afraid you won't find the code for that ^^;

Thank you, I hope you have a lovely day as well~

He's got a really cool design! c:

Aw man. Oh well. c; It looks very cool.

I have authorizzled and subscribbled to the mistress

Bada bing bada boom, you now have a catto in your room.

I hereby authorize you to BE MY FRIEND!

Pfff did I even need permission to be that? :p

Supposedly you do because "authorization" seems to be the closest thing to adding people to a Friends List on this site, barring premium lists like what you have on your page.

Well there's also subscribe, which acts the same as watching does over at DA :0

Well then it's time for me to like, comment, and subscroobble

OMG, you have really nice ocs!;w; <3


He is also really cute tooo?? and so many good roles? I can't believe I haven't heard of him until now xD



Woah thanks alot ;w; that makes me happy to hear <3

LMAO I'M GLAD YOU THINK SO, He was literally the first voice that popped into my head while reading about Koa and looking at his pictures xD


i love albion hes so beautiful

i love you for loving him thank you so much for telling me this QwQ it makes me so very happy to hear~

Hi hello I am in so much love with Albion. He is such a GOOD character, oh my goodness ; w; 

tumblr_mzeczxnonF1qjpi3ro1_400.gif aaaaAAAA oh my god thANk youU

This just made my day, I'm glad you like him, I do too ;w;

YEAH OMG LIKE!!!! I'm a sucker for characters whose archtypes revolve around perfection and elegance and having that air of haunting dread around them ; w; And you write him so well!! I really super appreciate the response he gave to Fatalis' question!! ; u; <3 <3

Omg I'm glad you liked the reply ;3; I feel kinda rusty when it comes to rp prompts like that, when I don't really rp, so it's good to hear it was fine. Although, writing it, I sorta realized it's actually pretty fun when I knew what the character would've said ,3, sad thing I didn't get into rping before, could've had so much more developed characters that way =w=;

Awww! ; w; I never would've guessed you didn't roleplay omg! I've expanded on most of my close OCs via RP, but I still have a lot to go for some of my newer cutes. I'm glad you had fun with it because it clearly showed! ; v; And tbh I wouldn't mind RPing with you to boot, your writing style is really cute!

Hahah I'll take that as a compliment =v= And d'aww, I'm glad you like my so-called "style" qwq I just.. write it as how I'd want to read it. As if it was from a book. I like yours too tho, it felt very casual and natural when reading it! I don't know how many styles there is out there or what kind of fun variants people use, so it would definitely be cool to experience more of them .o. I'd love to try it out more with you, but I can't help but feel nervous ahahah =v=;

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