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Today's Upload - SS and EMG

Posted 2 days, 12 hours ago by Keldas-Cove

Hello again :^]

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Today had a lot of more in-depth concept artwork for both Sun Sprain and Everything Must Go. I've spent most of this month getting ready & going on a vacation to Canada, so while I had trouble getting pages for Sun Sprain made I did get to make some nice concept art / illusrtations of Beat n Brad. I also had a few sketchbook pieces I forgot to photograph last time that I added in this time around.

For the EMG pictures, the traditional art ones shown were mostly done in one sitting. I'm still years off from making that story but I was in the mood for some furries n things. Still trying to figure out the characters' faces and colors, but it's fun to be in the nebulous phase. 

Sun Sprain pages have slowed down a bit with my vacation thing going on, but I'm hoping to pick back up in July. I'll be working on different techniques of drawing after this first major scene to try and get things done a little faster. Wish me luck x_x 

Hello! My phone is charging up and I'm gathering images for today's upload, which should happen in the early afternoon at the utmost latest.

Also I have some news for anyone following me who's not authorized yet - A few of the story characters from my 2 upcoming comics have been made visible to you!

Their images are still locked to those with cove access, but you have access to their info and trivia. If you'd like to take a peek for yourself, here's some quick links!

Say hi to Beat and Brad, the protagonists of Sun Sprain, which is currently being illustrated.

If you haven't seen them already, Henry, Delmare, and the sea snake Kintal have been visible for quite some time.

I hope you enjoy them! For those with cove access, enjoy today's pile o' pics! If you'd like to get permanent access today and enjoy the art to come, you can donate $15 to my Ko-Fi or join my Patreon for a minimum of only $3. All the funds help me buy time and materials to work on these stories and make them the best they can be, and to help me keep them free to read online forever!

Sun Sprain drawing stream now!

Posted 1 month, 8 days ago by Keldas-Cove

Will be live for a few hours! 

Saturday 5/21 at 5:30 pm I'll be streaming the inking of a Sun Sprain page set on my Instagram! :^} come on by if you'd like to hang out and watch! 💕 🌞 🏃

Upload day! 

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Thanks so much for the patience! I've been spending most of this time actually working on pages, so I haven't had as much concept artwork to post for Sun Sprain (though some, of course, and a few pages as a treat. Though this won't be the norm, I don't wanna spoil everythin, now!)
Today's uploads mostly consist of face studies/doodles/practice, I feel I'm getting better at drawing Beat, Brad is still difficult. Enjoy my painstaking journey! I'll get there.

I go into more depth on Sun Sprain and a few of my other stories in my QnA video, that's here if you still haven't watched it. I always enjoy hearing what you think of my uploads and things, it's more motivating than you realize! <3 I'll continue to work hard in the meantime. Till next time!

Patrons - Comic QnA

Posted 3 months, 13 days ago by Keldas-Cove

I'm open for questions about my comics on Patreon! I'll be doing a big QnA response with as much depth as I can, but I'm in search of more questions (havent gotten many submissions!)

They can be big, small, complex, simple, about characters, stories, or my writing as a whole. Whatever you're curious about, now's the time! :^}

Here's the Patreon post you can comment on

or you can comment on this bulletin :^D thanks so much!!

Today's Upload - Big news!

Posted 3 months, 13 days ago by Keldas-Cove

Afternoon, everyone!!! Did a little upload today :^}

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Mostly some miscellaneous concept sketches / studies, a few test pages for Sun Sprain, and speaking of...

the draft is finished!!!! Hoorah!!!🎉🎉🎉 This means (after a little editing...) I'll get to start drawing the pages!! YAY!

Thank you all for the support, it's been so fun to hear the excitement for this story in particular T-T I'm gonna do my best to make it as wonderful as I can! I hope you enjoy what's to come!

It's Happening!

Posted 3 months, 29 days ago by Keldas-Cove


HOORAY! After ages of working and drafting, I'm happy to announce that Sun Sprain and The Sea Beast in Henry MacArthur are arriving free-to-read on my website in 2022 / 2023!!! Thank you to the bottom of my heart for being here and enjoying my stories, I can't wait to see what you all think of them! :^D

I am humbled by your excitement and support of my work, even after this long hiatus between stories. I hope these two stories bring you as much joy as it brings me to create them!

More to come in time, thank you all for giving a hoot about my work. It's a lot more encouraging than you know to have you all here :^} Thank you thank you! 

Today's Upload (part 1 of 2)

Posted 4 months, 1 day ago by Keldas-Cove

Today is a huge day!!! 

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The first few images I've uploaded are some miscellaneous archival pieces and some works I commissioned / were gifted from friends :^} But there is far, far more coming in just a few hours, along with a very exciting announcement! I hope you all enjoy it :^}

An important note about spoilers - I've moved pieces containing spoilers, major and minor, to tabs instead of in characters' regular galleries to avoid accidental scrolling into spoiler territory! Any images and text that contain story spoilers will still be tagged, and you are welcome to block or mute any tabs that you don't want to see! 

Got a lot done this week and I'm excited to say that an even bigger upload is coming within a week's time >:^}}}

Can't see the images or characters? Get authorized through a pledge to my Patreon or a 1-time $15 donation to my Ko-Fi!

Today I'm sharing some work on 🌊The Sea Beast and 👟Sun Sprain that I've been making over the past few weeks!!! Been feeling very inspired lately U.U Be warned that some of the pieces contain spoilers - of which are tagged. You can choose to view em if you want but I aint sayin anythin about em!!!! >:^X

I've decided to break up spoiler image tags in minor and major categories.

Minor spoilers are smaller and don't reveal a great lot about important details or surprises, while major spoilers do.
I'm placing spoiler images for each character into sub-galleries for your convenience! Careful while scrolling through, though!