Keldas-Cove's Bulletins

Now that I'm free from convention business (weehoo!) I'm getting back into the swing of things :^}c

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What's in this jumble?
Some drawings for 👟Sun Sprain and 🦓Everything Must Go, a very light upload!
I'm mostly trying to figure out my characters in terms of art - behind the scenes I'm writing a lot of drafts, too. Exciting!!!
(Plus a few funnies... for flavor)
Gotta work more on that comic tribute piece too, I haven't forgotten >:^}c

Thanks again for the support! n__n always appreciate you bein here!

When I post this bulletin, I'll get started on uploading a new trove of pics and other fun stuffs! :^}

Can't see the images or characters? Get authorized through a pledge to my Patreon or a 1-time $15 donation to my Ko-Fi!

What's in this jumble?
- A few Spotify "soundtracks" to my stories - music I collect and listen(ed) to while brainstorming or drawing story bits, or to reminisce!
Check the tag to see em all!
- Updates for 👟Sun Sprain, my newest story concept (title may change!) + folder update! Check it out to see the summary I've got going for it :^}c
- Some misc. concept art for other stories. Yahoo!

Hope you enjoy it all! I'd love to hear whatcha think!

Today's Upload - The Details!

Posted 2 months, 22 days ago by Keldas-Cove

Evening, everyone! Here's a little more info on the pieces uploaded today, as well as where they came from - they've got quite the story!

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Today I'm uploading some miscellaneous artwork from 🦌Mother Deer, 🌴Thrift Island, The Puptrip, Miniboss II, and Thunderlike.
🦌Mother Deer's original thumbnails have been found! I'm uploading an entire scene that didn't make it to my final drafting stage, but it was canonically what happened next. I'm also uploading some more of scene 2, which you'll see in full ink-on-bristol.
🌴Thrift Island also has a few fun additions - the entire final draft thumbnails, woo! If you look closely, it'll be like you're seeing the entire story. I wonder what you'll think, hope it makes sense!
The others were just some misc. but vital pieces that I had to rescue... I hope you enjoy them all! >;^}c some will have some tidbits in the caption, too, so keep a look-out!

As for why these pieces are a unique case... In 2020, when quarantine just hit and we all thought it was just gonna be a few weeks of lockdown, I was in a spring cleaning mood. Below my bed and in my closet were piles and piles of sketchbooks, lots of stuff inside things that I just didn't want to remember! Though, my parents (especially my dad) always told me how important it was to save my work. I decided it'd be a fun idea to get a scrapbook and cut out the pieces that really mattered to me, to destroy any triggering artwork in all of the books, and to return the rest to the earth by giving them a proper goodbye in a bonfire with plenty of thanking. I got to cutting up my books and deciding what I was keeping and tossing, but a quarantine dragged on and the lockdown orders stayed strong, I realized it'd be a lot longer before we could get to a public bonfire. The books took up too much space in my room, so they went to the garage in an open, open and exposed to temperature changes, bugs, etc. Yuck!
As I was archiving my work for this Toyhouse, I noticed I was missing something vital - the final draft of the Thrift Island thumbnails. I realized I'd forgotten to save them! Oh no!!! I was home for the weekend to take care of the family dog, and decided to go to that spidery grody box and dig through. As I did, I found the thumbs - yay! But, I also found other treasures. I dug through the box to find pieces that had nearly been destroyed - if not by fire, then certainly by rot. They dried out in the sun and they're now safe at my apartment, where I'll keep them happy in my file cabinet.
As for the rest of the box, I'm getting it soon to hang onto it - hopefully soon I can give it a proper farewell! And yes - I checked it all - everything I needed is safe n sound out of the box!