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Please read before commenting on my characters

I really dont want to be a jerk please at least read the bolded ones...

I don't do pings. There are exceptions to this, but you probably aren't one so dont ask thanks.

I dont take offers on my charcters unless they're listed. If it is unclear, you are more than welcome to ask.

Do not use any of my original outfits, I bought them. Generic booty shorts, hoodies, ect idc about, obviously.

My characters may contain Nudity, NSFW w/ properly tagged images, violence, depresso expresso...

KelpiePie_ is my offical storage alt, you can offer on any of those...

RoaringAster is the only person allowed to give out my unwatermarked images to strangers on request.

These are my boundaries, if you ignore them I might be rude to you or block you. But, for reference, you were rude first by breaking them...

You are more than welcome to ask any questions about my characters, but please refrain from being rude and hurtful. These characters are for my comfort and I probably dont make any kind of profit off owning them.

Please note your consent will be stored in cookies until your session is closed.

No thanks!