Kibawings's Profile Comments

Heya just wondering if there was any update on the scene comm? :D

Hope ya don't mind me asking but would you by chance take any offers on your Chimereons?

heya! jus making sure , but are you okay with offers with characters that don’t have the x tag? If so, may I offer on ?

I’ll be super tent on chars outside my sale folder without the x tag, but I’ll consider offers on them 

what would you be look for? ^^

Trades only, not too interested in art

you can look all around my Th! if anyone interests you lmk

Hi just wanted to drop by and say I RLLY LOVE UR WORK AND KEEP IT UP!!!

Awe tysm <3

hi there! sorry if this is rude in any way but can u lmk if runi myos go ufs? tysm!

Ooo may I offer on a few of your kiddos in your sale folder? :0

Go ahead

Ty! :0

Anyone from my TH interest you for Gyre, Tropic, Haryu, Canyon, or Gleoite? I can also add on art as well ^^

I didn’t see anyone I’d use, sorry!

Ah ok! Ty for taking a look ^^

just wanting to let you know that I now own this girl! (ik you want to know where your designs end up so I'm letting you know!)

Ty for letting me know !

your art is simply gorgeous!! (also i love your profile pic kaeya is amazing)