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Question time - Change folder setup?

Posted 4 years, 3 months ago by KittyKnight

Should I change the layout of my folder?

3 Votes Keep the current layout (Via Alignment)
8 Votes Do the new layout (Via District)

Heyo! I just wanted to ask a quick question to see what you guys think regarding my thoughts.

I've changed quite a bit regarding my Townies of Saltem folder, especially regarding the story and such. As such, each character now comes from their own district 'n' such. However, I've been tempted to change the layout of it.

My currently layout has them organised by their role's alignment, though I don't think that plays much into their character anymore. On one hand, I kinda wanna keep it. On the other hand, I think it would be more suitable to change it to organise by their district.

Not too sure how to organise the character lists if I do change it, I think I may just go alphabetically. But, we'll figure that out.

Also I'm probably going to end up renaming the folder from Townies of Saltem to Veilburg, since that's the title I'm currently working with.

Wow I never made a bulletin before?

Posted 4 years, 5 months ago by KittyKnight

How come?

Uh anyway, I just wanted to say that the characters from the Townies of Saltem folder may be outdated soon. Long story short, I ended up changing a couple of story details and greatly preferred them over the initial story.

Initially, it was heavily based of Town of Salem w/ Salem harbour and then later stories kinda deviated away from that and primarily took place in Veilburg. Now though, it's not really keeping too much. Like, okay the whole roles and such still apply, but nothing apart from that happens. I'll probably keep "Salem Harbour" as a place in Veilburg, but most of the stories now takes place in Veilburg. Hence, rewrite time.

So that means I get to rewrite all my OC bios again!!

For the... whatever-th time... Woo...