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ah yes, the flag of the diner /j

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No worries, glad you like it!

You are an ANGEL! I absolutely live the dinosaur plush and I'm on cloud nine! Thank you, thank you!!

No worries, glad you like it!

thank you so much for the art, it looks so good I love it so much!!

No worries, glad you like it!

Thank you so much for the art for fisher omg, it’s adorable 🥺

Thank you for the art of Crow <3

No worries! Glad you liked it!

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No problem! Glad you like it!

Thanks for the drawing of Han!!!  I love it!! *-*

No problem!

Heyy thank you for the drawing of Jacob! And while I'm here, I love your style it's so cute *^*

No problem, and thank you so much!!!

^o^ Happy birthday! (I noticed for the same reason as Caine XD)

It's alright! Thank you so much!!

I noticed from the birthday board it seems to be your birthday today? If yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you'll have a good one!!

Aaaa!! Thank you so much!!

Oh my goodness someone else actually made tos characters.

hc that caroline has tried explaining how to pronounce "consigliere" to someone and they went "but it's not in the DICTIONARY"

Basically, lol. One person pronounces it “Con-Sill-YEET” and proceeds to die instantly by her hands.



And thats how she got promoted to Mafioso

Hello!! ^^ I recently came into possession of a character you designed, and I was wondering, is it alright for me to tweak the design a bit? (Mostly just adding lots of details tbh aha,,,)

Yeah, thats fine! As along as the design isn't tweaked too much and recognizable, it's cool!

ok, tysm!!

THE GOOD SHIT also ic you with your gaia online avatars

Got 'em from a generate a character thread but yep those are definitely Gaia.


Also.    Valid   

Appreciated my dude       

Your characters are valid too.