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My Master List For My OCS and Their Relationships.  

I will be updating this when I can.

If you have any questions please comment or DM me I don't bite.

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  Note: I have OC x Cannon ships. Along with OC's who have canon characters as family members.

Key:   OC x Cannon  |    OC x OC |   Crush  |  Oc's families |   Oc and cannon families |  Oc's friendships |   Oc and Cannon Friendships |     Feral |   Anthro/Furry


  Kiran x Klyo Ren (best friends turned lovers)

  Lizzie x Beetlejuice the musical one (She finds him pain but charming)

  Taiga x Julian (He may be a little stupid but she loves him anyway) 

  Taz x Kevin ( friends? or more)

   Hibiki x Tenya Iida (really good friends. Hibiki has a crush on him.)

  Lex x Phone Guy -1 or 2- (Lex didn't realize how much she loved him until after she died)

  Kloshbet and Toby (Dating)

    Casey and Jordan (best friend/ they both have a small crush on each other)

    V4p0r and  Jawbreaker ( V4p0r has a crush on Jaw but he boneheaded to get that she is flirting with him.)

  Alexander x   Shiba (they were dating before taken to be experimenting on.  they still love each other even though they can't talk to each other.)

---- Families----

With families, I am also counting parental and sibling figures.

  Klosbet and Vent (father and Daughter)

  Casey and Jake and Maxwell (Family, Casey(younger) and Jake(older) siblings, Maxwell is there father)

  Lizzie and Sophie (sisters)

  Arkiy (brother) and Rin (sister) and Saffron (Father)

  Root Beer and Fire Work (brothers)

    Sushi (Older brother/father figure) and   Cyan (little sister) and   Tempura(Blind middle sibling) 

  Millie and Daniel (He is millie's uncle, but he sees her as is his own daughter) 

  Hibiki and Shigaraki (He took the place of her older brother) 

------ Friends ------

   Creamy and   Ivy and   Heart and   Cotton (One heck of a girl squad)

   Slushy and   Jawbreaker and   X (A group of chaotic boys) 

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