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  • My animanl/anthro characters are purely SFW.
  • My Human/Humanoid character may have more suggestive theams and/or art work in their gallerys.
  • If any type of NSFW, even if light, bothers you id sajest not viewing my Human/Humanoid characters.
  • If you have issues with any LGBTQ+ Characters id sajest you just leave my profile. Most of my characters fall under LGBTQ+
  • I may also have some world building on characters outside of fan/game characters I have. As such the world I imagion my characters in is not rainbows and lolipops, Its one based on how life maybe in said world. Dark and sometimes unkind but also with that kinder side of life. As life is. If such theams bother you id sajest not viewing my Human/Humanoid characters. I however Do Not in anyay condone bad actions I merly wish to make a belivable world that they a Fantasy setting would be in. Please note my wrighting skills are quite low and as such if there are typos i may miss them and not relize.

Other Info

  • Characters outside my for sale/trade folder are not open to any type of offeres. Unless other wise listed and marked that there open to offers.
  • Do not copy my characters be creative and make your own unique characters.
  • Do Not in any way use my characters for your RPs/storys/Etc with out my explicit permission. This includes their art.
  • You may draw gift art if you so want. And thank you if you like them enough to do that! Do let me know so im not oblivious to it and completly miss it >.>;
  • Feel free to coment on any charater I love knowing what others think of them!~

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