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There are some Fragments who have abandoned their Timelines - or who never had any - in pursuit of the Magnitude Fragments: the most supreme beings, powerful repositories of magic, quite literally in many senses gods. As they are not a unified group, there are any individual sects: some worshipping certain Mags, others a pantheon, some with rituals, others with merely minor prayers... their scope is endless and varied.

But, collectively, they are known as Mag Cultists - and those who have forgone Fragment life completely in pursuit of their religion are kept here.

Structured Cults

The largest cults are those belonging to Shestiugolnik, Dijamant, Prizma, and Affine. All four are tended to directly by their patron Mag, and are filled with the bounties of their gods' respective support. Each sect has its own unique hierarchy, systems, and rules in place, though - of course - they all consider their patron to be the most beneficial.

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