41722852_6uw.pngA small world swathed in the light of its broken suns and moons, stretching from its northern ice cap to its southern abyssal ocean. Across its six continents are strewn Flames - incredible sparks of conceptual power. Bound to the magical Magninium inherent in all living beings, these Flames find themselves nestled within people and blood, granting their tenders unique boons. And, in turn, their bearers kindle their precious Flames - gaining strength, power, influence, admiration, and immortality. 

And so it has been, since the dawn of time. So think its people, busy toiling in work and food and politics and religion. So think its mortals, distracted by adherences to ritual, indulgences of ambition, and worries of famine. But to those privy to the keys of reality, the insignificance of their existence - and this cycle's forced perpetuity - is the centerpoint of everything.



The southeasterly continent, primarily badlands, mountains, tundra, and a few scattered pine forests. With its closest neighbors being Chellabra and the Isle, it has remained isolated for most of its life, with only its coastal nation taking advantage of its gentle waters. 

However, the Holy Empire's growing power and embracing attitude towards Flames have made Lacraya a hotspot of powerful Flame refugees, fleeing prosecution, regulation, or abuse on the other continents. Such a host of individuals have brought international attention to its borders - especially as the newest Emperor's twin Flames are akin to a deities'. 

Lacraya hosts the nations of the Holy Empire, Sendrea Kingdoms, and Verebriva.

The Isle of Shattered Stars

A small island, situated in the central ocean, the Isle is the only reprieve of ships during long transits. But, not only does it reap the benefits of extensive taxes - the Isle is a religious location for many, said to be the island the gods convened on to plan the world. 

It was marked when the moons and suns shattered - supposedly, a shard of the First Moon fell into the lagoon dominating the Isle's center. Its power irradiated the water, blending Flame and magic into one stream that could heal and harm in equal tenor. 

On its surface is the city-state Cellest, and notably, the Shrine of the Shifting - the last dedicated temple to Mesechev, Ardor god of the celestial bodies.


An industrious mining continent, Chellabra's denizens toil in the thousands of mountains that chop the landmass into valleys and peaks. With soil too dry and cracked to grow crops, and no real sources of freshwater, they depend on their dictator-god Mewt Mavet to provide for them.

And provide he does - magicking up supplies to cater to his entire nation's needs daily, with a wave of his hand. In gratitude, his people offer their mined gemstones and minerals to him, which are sold to the other continents at a tight profit. His rule is enforced by the Dewclaws, the mysterious and skilled cult dedicated to his worship. They harvest Flame - which is forbidden in Chellabra - to feed to their god.

The only country it holds is Maweth, though several vassal states - such as the Mirii Inlet - claim sovereignty.


Though Bivve is the smallest continent, its nations have been broiled in conflict nearly since its inception, clashing sword and shield over land, resources, and worship. Many a state points to the country of Passane as the initial aggressor - headed by his Majesty Tine, a warlord hellbent on overtaking the continent.

Money and blood flow through its ports and valleys, fed by the war machines at every border. The metals and cores in Bivve's many mountains are churned into weapons and siege engines, keeping industry and self-sufficiency high. Dozens of biomes dot its landscape, but there is precious little time to admire them.

It features the nations of Passane, Vollan, the Federated Union of Alleria, Tashen, the Western Dominion, the Vaervan Kingdom, and Callawen Island.


Cadava sits as the last bastion before the encroaching polar ice cap, a frigid and harsh continent. Not only do temperatures struggle to climb above freezing, the colonization of the land is marred by the Worldshear - an enormous canyon, visible from even the coasts, that cleaves Cadava cleanly in half. With depths too great to explore and poisonous Seeplands of irradiating magic, it is the perfect place for criminals and refugees to disappear.

All are welcome to its borders, so long as they pay for citizenship - but to expect handouts or help is a fool's errand. The glaciers are as unforgiving as its people, sculpted by the blizzards and poison.

It only holds two nations: Cirshiva, the southern port; and the Confederation of Gweneth, around its lake.


A mystery to all who call the Flameverse home. Supposedly, a medium-sized island off the western coast of Bivve, filled with wondrous buildings and strange artifacts. Its people, incredible mages and intelligent scholars, were remarkably unfriendly to visitors, though they occasionally probed into the world for inscruitable reasons. And, if that wasn't enough, they had the power to control their island's location.

Utilizing this power, the island disappeared two hundred years ago, when Passane threatened to stage a naval attack. Though the attack was kept secret, Evenne still vanished. Much speculation whispered through the other continents - until the island reappeared in the last year, just southeast of Lacraya.

Little is known about the island, its countries, its populace, and its geography.


Calling Moondown the largest continent does not accurately depict its size, nor the way it dwarfs every other landmass by dozens of times. So enormous is it, that the majority is uncharted and the exact size uncertain - with only guesstimates based off poorly-funded seafaring expeditions.

For the central swath of Moondown, seemingly endless, is an ever-expanding, living jungle. Called the Maiden's Tangle, it violently grows ever-forwards. Strange creatures and apparitions plague its feral denizens and borders, supposedly a result of the moon and sunshards that fell onto Moondown's lands.

Moondown holds the nations of Sarens and Iah-Yah, though the Maiden's Tangle and the Moondown Wilds can be considered countries.

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