Once war-torn and damaged by years of battle and blood, Angiia has transformed itself. No longer do its lesser gods revel in murdering one another, claiming land and tearing apart their precious cities just to prove their superiority over the other factions! No, they are now dignified. Rather than fight one another, instead of spilling countless blood of lesser gods... now they spill the blood of their mortals.

Unified by the Judges, the ten lesser gods who consumed the Harmonic and Chaotic's magic, Angiia's culture shifted with the advent of the Competition. It replaced the wars that had previously ravaged the Universe, instead allowing lesser gods to breed perfect mortal stock to represent their faction in the Feast, wherein the judges sampled the cooked dishes... made out of mortals. Yes. They eat their mortals. It's the most celebrated yearly event in their culture. 

There is a lot of cannibalism here. If that upsets you please leave, now.

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