The premise...

Two Ant colonies, embroiled in a bitter war against each other. Not unusual for Ant colonies, save that these are the only two populations in all of Hantel - Heaven and Hell, forever sharing a battlefield, resources, and a world. The center of the conflict began, supposedly, around the treatment of gyne, though in reality the squabble runs deeper. As every Ant in Hantel is a lesser god, their lifespans are long and arduous.

There are two main "timepoints" of Hantel: pre- and post-Merge. All characters' profiles will be split to show this difference (hopefully, if I get around to it). There is about 2,000 years between these main points, with the ending of the war signifying the shift from pre- to post-.

The main characters...

Leading the side of Heaven includes Michael, the leader; Raphael, his partner; and Uriel, its Commander.
WIthin Hell, there is Satan, the leader; Allocer, its Commander; Lucifer, a refugee from Heaven; and Mammon, an upstart mage.

Further reading & info...

Hantel is a project I work on with my girlfriend,  Lunila. I don't draw it as often as my mains, but we talk about it near-daily. As such, it's very near and dear to my heart! Its characters are vaguely based off the Ars Goetia and associated texts, but take "vaguely" very seriously and our depictions with a grain of salt.

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